Ancient Empires Reloaded – Develop your own battle strategies

[Game] Ancient Empires Reloaded

Ancient Empires ReloadedAncient Empires Reloaded is a fan-made arcade turn-based strategy game.

In this game you can use many unique units and try to create some powerful combinations of them as well as develop your own battle strategies to defeat your enemies.

1. Terrains with different effects to make the battle more interesting.
2. Unique units with various abilities to choose from.
3. A lot of exciting campaign stages to play.
4. In-game map editor making it possible to create your own amazing maps.
5. Online map sharing center where you can share the maps you created with other players.
6. Multiplayer mode allowing you to play with your friends.
7. In-game wiki to help you learn about the game more easily.

1. The campaigns are too difficult I can’t complete (some of) them!
A: Please visit our forum to get help. You can describe your problem there, or make a video (if you would like to) so we can totally get what’s going wrong (your strategy or our stage difficulty). Anyway, you can always turn on damage reduction in settings if you really don’t want to think over the strategy that much.

2. The game balance is so bad!
A: Well balance is always hard to define if it’s good or not. If you can discuss it with us at our forum, you are most welcome.

3. Can you guys add more teams?
A: No, sorry.

4. Can you guys add battle animations?
A: No, sorry.

5. Can I help with translation?
A: Sure, you are welcome to help, please visit our forum for more details.

For more information, please visit our forum!

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Ancient Empires Reloaded user reviews :

A solid Advance Wars esque strategy game that’s playable offline. My biggest gripe is that the UI feels really clunky, it’s sometimes hard to tell enemy units apart from friendly, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to list which units haven’t moved this turn (which is a staple feature in this genre as far as I’m concerned). The gameplay itself, however, is fantastic and worth checking out for strategy fans.

well this game is amazing, the only thing i hate about it, magic and physic attack. by all mean the game is really cool, but for campaign it is hard due to change of unit ability. best please change campaign units so i can finish, i barely did someone

the recent update made it very hard to win, i always play friend in need, my alley sucks i prefer to play alone. i can’t get what is he doing he always had his troops on buildings that i am trying to occupy, but the opponents works in perfect harmony. but that fkn alley sucks fk it also after update troops ability changed it made the druid fkn annoying and worthless I perfer how he was before.

One of the better games for mobiles, considering you can make your own maps on top of everything else you’ll have plenty of hours with his one

Fantastic game, just wish there were more options in the map editor, like making bigger maps or forbiding recruitment of certain units

Very good game for single and multiplayer, but, i think the UI can be more user friendly

i uninstalled the game its not like the one i used to play, wisp s nature has been enormously changed.. and golem is being hit by wisp?! and able to do phenomenal damage!! also the range of each characters of the game has been very much altered. especially the sorceress and wisp.. worst experience.. only good thing is new map!

Nice port overall, however, theres a bug that ive encountered: -Cant seem to buy from a castle when a friendly non-commander unit is on it The movement squares and attack squares swapping their colours messed me up a little bit as well. Would suggest putting a changelog of different units and changes made from the original game till now.

i like it, i remenber when first time i play this game on java platform, and getting better on android so many improvement more mechanic i like it but some of these mechanic making OP char like, dragon on java version has weakness to archer but in this game it have dmg reduction instead, and the AI so damn good i must losing on purpose to know how AI act on certain map.. good job!!!

My Favorite TBS game eveeer!!! I played this game for about 1 year! thanks to you guys for making this awesome game. just 1 suggestion, can you guys add a tower? i mean a turret? cuz im making a moba map on custom and its kinda hard for me to make 1 lol haha hope you guys approve this 1 reqst ^^ Thanks! ^^ have a good life! ^^

I really love it and the new update it’s amazing thanks for such a great game

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