Ancient Rivals – Discover the history of a great war

[Game] Ancient Rivals – Dungeon RPG

Ancient Rivals  New story-driven Dungeon Action RPG arrives on Android!

Embark on an exciting adventure, fight countless enemies, solve tricky puzzles and discover the history of a great war between two mighty empires: Valor and Irongard. Enemy, like el Diablo, is hiding in the shadows, awaiting to hit back…

If you love immortal Dungeon Crawler, Action RPG, rpg games with lots of hack and slash, dungeon crawling and fights, this game will be everything you need! Made by a small indie team not constrained by business needs, it offers a fresh look at the genre. Immortal classic awaits you!


Awesome 3D graphics and optimization.
Captivating story.
Diverse characters to interact with.
Lots of sword and shields with different effects.
Unique abilities and spells
Hardcore arena battles
Interesting puzzles to solve.
Hours of fighting in catacombs, dungeons and caves.
And of course, hordes of enemies to slay!

Ancient Rivals user reviews :

Character controls feel unresponsive – turning from one direction to another requires a lot of finger movement. Turning just a little bit is impossible. Combat animations lock you in place. You only have 3 abilities and 2 options for each of them. Build diversity is… a bit lacking.

It’s ok.. kind of arcade-ish.. and I don’t like the fact that it’s gender locked.. no character choice.. in a role playing game, people want their character to look like them.. most of the time

I like this with an exception here & there. I’d really like there to be a shop where you can but equipment with all the good you can get in game playing. @ the moment, it seems the only 2 ways to get equipment are to use real $ to but it as a package, or hope that you get lucky opening a chest before you go into the campaign. It’d be nice to have different looking enemies as well where the ones I keep seeing all look like skeleton based sorcerers or maybe some warrior type, but, that’s all.

It’s a very simple dungeon crawler with decent graphics and gameplay however it is extremely grinding and the grind is very unrewarding. Everything is very, very expensive and progression suffers from that as you’ll most likely feel bored. They did put the effort to try and give it a story and i appreciate that but it doesn’t grab you on that end either. Overall i would say it’s not worth it unfortunately. There are way better alternatives in this genre like vengeance, anima or heretic gods.

Is it abandoned? Hasnt been updated for a year. Devs are you working on something new or the game is stale. Need to know if i even should buy all those packages?

Tried to give this game and honest shot. I’m not sure how this game ended up with such good reviews… I believe the reviews are fudged. Micro transactions are one thing, but this whole game is designed to make you spend money.

The first item I needed to get was the ancient scroll, however, no matter what I tried, I couldn’t pick it up. What a poor design!

Old school dungeon crawler…love it!!!

Game needs improvement not enough content fight the same guys over and over not fun.

Does not launch on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x (Android Nougat, 3gb ram, snapdragon 625, 2gz cpu). Game just closes whenever i try to open it. Please add support for my device as i really want to try this game.

It’s a little to early to ask for review but so far it’s been fun but the controls could use some work.

Awesome game. Great graphics and easy user interface.

AWESOME GAME This Game Is Awesome No More Pay2win or in app purchases so its easy to play good graphics AND ALL you can Also play OFFLINE which is awesome too thanks for making the game -Gray5s-

This game is pocket consoled and light for all systems really great experienced playing

everytime I’ve tried to download your game it crashes Google play. kick rocks.
  • Sand Tesseract
  • I am terribly sorry about that case, but unfortunately i can’t do anything with Google Play Store. I would recommend you to update all google play services, but anyway i can’t guarantee proper google play work

Was looking for a Diablo type game for Android. Just getting started but great so far.

Excellent game! Reminds me of Dark Alliance.

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