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Ancients Reborn  Ancients Reborn is an open world fantasy MMO RPG that combines the intricate mechanics of modern MMOs with the nostalgic point-and-click gameplay of old school RPG adventure games.

Play as a sorcerer with powerful magic abilities. Become a ranger with legendary bows and the ability to snipe from the shadows. Play as a knight with the use of medieval weapons such as sword and shield or perhaps a barbarian wielding a huge axe.

Stunning Open World Fantasy Game.
A completely 3D open world fantasy based massively multiplayer role playing game with a feel that is similar to classic old school MMO RPGs.
The game aims to bring back the nostalgia of classic dungeon crawling role playing games, but with unique styles of play and a modern look and feel for mobile.

Elegant Helper System.
Easily progress while offline by hiring a farmer to mine ore or catch fish for you.
It provides a classic, old school RPG feel, but with modern advantages!

Defeat Magnificent Dungeon Bosses.
Explore the huge MMO RPG open world and underground dungeons – with complete freedom and no limits to what you can access.

Beautifully crafted Sandbox Experience.
Customize your characters and then use uniquely stylized armor and medieval weapons and sorcery to further enhance your look.
Enjoy the social aspects of the large open world with large underground dungeons to explore and lots of rare treasures to find.

Master a Vast Variety of Skills.
From combat skills and equipment crafting to cooking and mining, there are a huge range of character skills you can level up.
Whether you want to make money, fight, roleplay or support your guild, mastering your skills will make you a legend in the fantasy MMORPG open world of Ancients Reborn.

Exciting PvP and PVE.
An online role playing game in which you can Raid tombs for legendary loot and battle breath taking dragon bosses across the world.
Become a dragon hunter or a humble merchant, you can carve out your own destiny in this fantasy MMO RPG world.
It’s massively multiplayer, so you can easily find other battle worthy MMORPG opponents for some challenging PvP action.
A whole world of adventures, quests, battles and fun awaits.

Huge Leaderboards and Epic Events.
Rise to glory and be recognised by competing on the massively multiplayer online leaderboards!
Enjoy the social aspects of the large MMORPG open world with fantasy dungeons and epic bosses.

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User Reviews :

I came back to update my review, although I’ll still leave it at 3 stars. Some things have improved like party system and tasks/daily tasks, however there’s still no story line, you need to pay $15 for an auto loot pet, no direct player trade system, and hundreds of dollars for shards to upgrade gear which only has a 40% chance at success and after level 60 they make it a requirement to have full +2 equipment (which is where shards come in) in order to get full end game equipment.

Really tried to like this game n paid for membership but it really feels lacking in content and gameplay, leveling up isn’t rewarding n feeling like a chore to play. Some polish, UI updates and basic changes will make it better for sure.

Love the game reminds me of runescape teaches you have to actually work for what you need unless your lazy to gather shards then those players pay can get far if you have time an patience hope you keep making new areas I enjoy the game very much its not pay to win an is your own time based

It is a fun game, and most important it is a simple game to play, and does not require you to be a nerd to be able to kill bosses, which make this game more enjoyable. The only thing players need to purchase with real money is the autoloot pet, but it is essential for the developers to pay their bills, otherwise they won’t have any income, and pets are cheap.

Hey u MMORPG fans out there who hate auto function so much, THIS GAME IS FOR US!! Dont care about the looting system being troublesome. Just having us play the game is good enough rather than watching the game run itself! This is similar to runescape with little bit better graphic. Thank u for finally creating a game without auto button!

Ruined game. Used to be good but now the devs made it impossible to level up stats or get any good items without paying $100. To think you can charge $100 for shards that have a 40% chance of working is rediculous. To level great armor up you’d have to pay at least $500 for a MOBILE GAME! Greed. The economy was also ruined by devs, making decent money is nearly impossible. Workers price was nearly tripled. Everything about this game now has gotten worse from when it was new. Pay to win garbage.

Honestly, I really wanted to play this game with my friends but since it was incomplete I doubt that they’ll like it. There are a lot of things missing in this game, and recently I created a new account and I spend almost 8 hours in dragon claw island and I discovered that a lot of new players leave the game from the very start of the game, so I suggest that you should change place of the tutorial of the game and do the tutorial on the mainland.

Latest Update :

Fixed and improved performance for loading data
Fixed camera collision issues

Ancients Reborn developer :


Video :

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