Cannon Master – Create missiles to defeat monsters

[Game] Cannon Master

Cannon Master  Monsters are invading us from the sky. Create missiles to defeat monsters.

Upgrade the main cannon
When you defeat monsters, you earn gold. Upgrade the main cannon and missiles with the gold.

Add sub cannons.
Build sub cannons that help with the attack. Sub cannons attack enemies in the sky automatically. Each sub cannon has its own characteristics. Try to make good use of their features

Collect items.
If you kill monsters, items are sometimes given. Touch the item to obtain it. Items help you have special abilities throughout the game. Also, if the items collected accumulate, their effects could be levelled up!

Create a powerful option cannon.
Monsters leave option cannon when they die. Option cannon are provided in the upgrade menu, option cannon category. Same option cannons can be integrated to level up to a stronger option cannon. As the level increases, attack power is increased and with some luck, you can have some special abilities. Actively use the option cannon’s strength.

Defeat boss monsters within the time limit.
Boss monsters appear during the game. Boss monsters have high stamina, so they are not easy to defeat. But if defeated, a large sum of gold and items are given.

Defeat boss in boss raid mode.
When boss monsters are defeated, the boss raid mode is activated. When the boss is defeated continuously, the level of the boss raid mode increases, and the amount of gold earned also increases!

Try out the overheat mode.
Overheat mode is automatically activated when a certain number of monsters are killed. In overheat, a large number of enemies appear, but my missile becomes even more powerful! Kill many monsters with a strong missile.

Activate overheat with pure crystals.
When pure crystals are used, overheat 5x mode is activated. Saving crystals for use in dangerous situations is one strategy!

Cannon Master user reviews :

Enjoy this game a great deal. It’s extremely casual. You cannons can not be destroyed, therefore you don’t have to keep hands on phone at all times. If interrupted, no big deal. Sit phone down and watch your bank roll grow.

Decent gameplay and fun graphics, but the music gets really numbing after a while. And the ticking timer too, there should be an option to disable that. Overall pretty fun arcade game to play during breaks

Very fun and not challenging. Its a very chill game that doesn’t need to much micro managing. There is no idle capability so you have to leave your system on but other that its a decent game.

The games grafics make me feel like I’m at a arcade the bosses are a little hard but the amount of power ups you get from them is nice because you’re gonna need them once game I love I played it for a while

Its okay but the chances of level ing upvis unfair I have a 75% chance of leveling up the option and I failed, logically I am not supposed to fail they should adjust this,also I want more things to do

It’s a pretty good game but the more you upgrade the more the money why am saying dis this is how all games work

this game is Really easy to control and it is free to play it is really fun because three are lots of up grads and many different canons if you like games with a lot of action you will love cannon master.

It’s a great game but I’d like more cannons and if it is possible I would like subs that are more accurate and be able to merge cannons.

The art style is intresting and the soundtrack is nice byt there is not really much to do besides tapping a lot just to deal a little more damage. Also the game feels like it throws everything at your face all at once.

An almost enjoyable ad farm. No thanks, my time is more valuable than anything this game has to offer.

I love this game it is soooooo good but pls can u add the enemies can attack u and u can move the connon.

It’s really fun for a few months but finished it can you please raise the upgrade cap on the up grades and add more modes

This is sooo amazing!!! And fun game i love this game the overheat is amazing overheat can earn many many coins for me and i think im pro

I give it a 4 cause it sometimes gets very boaring kinda fast but it is pretty easy and kinda fun sometimes a bit satisfying.

This is the only game that has (that i know of) 0 critacal reviews Very fun addicting and gameplay is okay

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