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Download free Role Playing Games for Android

Fairy State – Opportunities and challenges coexist

Fairy State  free android apps   Does anybody want to go questing in Fairy State? FairyState is the hottest Fairy theme MMORPG game in 2020. In the world of FairyState , opportunities and challenges coexist. Fashion Customs ; Cute pets; Cool ride; Friendship; Love story, all …

Exos Heroes – Experience the adventure of your lifetime

Exos Heroes   free android apps   The grand adventure to search for Exestruk, the missing sword of the emperor, and the curse of the ancient dragon! Experience the adventure of your lifetime. Experience the unique visualism beyond your imagination. Experience the unique, extraordinary RPG! VISUALISM …

Demons Choice RPG – Your choices change the story

Demons Choice RPG  free apps android   Play as a succubus in this choice-driven text adventure set in a medieval fantasy setting. You’re Azizella, Binder of Souls, and you have just escaped the Abyss. Now, a free demon, you seek to outwit the fiends that hunt …

Hero Ball Z – Unique Heroes at Your Service

Hero Ball Z  free android apps   Meet Hero Ball Z! A Character Collector RPG It’s nothing like any other typical shooters. Say hello to a character collector RPG shooter! Don’t stop combining and upgrading your heroes! Unique Heroes at Your Service! Awesome characters from mega-hit …

Witch Choice – Make the choices and see what happens

Witch Choice  free apps android   Four years in the making of this series of interactive novels! A sinister god, conspiracy, madness, betrayal, dark magic, it’s all here in this choice-based epic. Eight volumes of text-based games (gamenovels) where YOU make the choices for the main …

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