Category: Role Playing

Download free Role Playing Games for Android

Kingdom of Heroes – Begin your journey in a fantasy world

Kingdom of Heroes – Tactics war  free android apps   Legit Turn-based RPG!! Turn-based tactical battle on a hexagon battlefield! Engage in thrilling strategy with your Heroes’ every turn! Begin your journey in a fantasy world to unite the Lorasian continent beside powerful Heroes. Various Heroes …

Leturn – Crush the forces of evil

Leturn – RPG Tower Defense of Magic (Early Access)  1v1 lol   Be a wizard take part in epic magic battles to defend the magic kingdom and crush the forces of evil with a vast arsenal of wizard and magic spells at your command. Enjoy epic …

Angry Birds Legends – Assemble an unstoppable team of heroes

Angry Birds Legends  free android apps   The land of the Angry Birds and their piggy nemeses has never been a peaceful one – their legendarily bitter feud carrying on for generations, while the human newcomers were happy to capitalize on their bickering. However, when egg-stealing …

Otherworld Heroes – Select your hero and enjoy

Otherworld Heroes  1v1 lol   Explore new world’s, fight magical battles and complete epic missions in Otherworld Heroes, the first-ever AR location-based MMORPG. Select your hero and enjoy this enchanting universe, full of heroes, villains, monsters, and magic. Everywhere you walk you’ll encounter new challenges, incredible …

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