Champion Strike – Create your own strategy

[Game] Champion Strike – Clash of Heroes

Champion Strike  Champion Strike combines your champion with units, magic, and other cards to create your own strategy. It’s a worldwide real-time strategy game where you build your deck to Clash with players in 1vs1 battles!

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Game Features

Engage in battle by controlling your champion. Defeat your opponents with brilliant tactics that they can’t predict!

Deploy your cards with mana and summon units that automatically engage in the epic battle, while controlling your champion to intervene and create countless strategies.

Never take your eyes off of the opponent’s champions – read their moves and respond quickly! This is a fierce battle, offense is the best form of defence! You must attack or be attacked! Have faith in your strategy! Now, as a Commander, make an ultimate play that thrills your heart!

Experience battles with more than 50 unique types of cards from mysterious and imaginary worlds, including Cat Archers, Dwarf, Dark Wizard, Meteor Golem, Gladiators and Gryphon! Start experiencing a new kind of battle strategy games by choosing your champion!

Game Highlights

Join a real-time World Battle with players from all over the globe!
Win medals through victories! You can rise through each rank and challenge the Master League at the top!
Complete daily missions and open various chests to collect cards, gold and rubies as reward!
Collect cards and gold to strengthen your champion and deck.
Analyze your combat records to make better strategies.
Watch the best battles on Hot Clip and learn combat tactics.
Make a winning deck by comparing cards during practice battles.
Create or join a Clan to exchange cards and be part of a community.
Get rewarded from various contents such as cheering your clan members or participating the Clan Race.
Clan members can have fun battling each other in friendly matches.

Play now and get ready to epic battles with Champion Strike!

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Champion Strike user reviews :

Pvp game, limited to 1v1. Lacks gameplay variety (wave survival, boss fights, clan vs clan clashes). You can watch pros fighting and bet only on the player you chose to watch (you should be able to bet on any player in the first minute!). Simply put, lacks variety of things you can do. Leveling up cards is a bore, the hero does not regen hp at all. (Heroes should have a dash skill by default, for example). Needs more love, as for example skins for heroes and customizable units special abilities.
  • Two Hands Games
  • Greetings Commander Dark Alley! Thank you for your detailed comment and for your 3 reviews! Developers are still working on 2v2, Did you try our different event modes? We will think of more gameplays for the future! Thank you for the bet suggestion I will let developers know about all of it! Do not hesitate to join us on our Social Media an Discord
The game itself is good, but I’m dealing with a very annoying bug that ruins the gameplay experience. The game keeps asking me to select the Google account after every battle (and also every time that I launch the app). After I select the account, it takes around 10 seconds to fully sync, during which period the game is frozen. I tried to contact support, but it seems to be nonexistent. Edit1: Yes, I tried to contact the support from the Settings menu, but nobody ever replies to me.
  • Two Hands Games
  • Thank you for your Feedback Mamsaturatdevoi. We will keep working on improving Champion Strike so your review can also change for the better! Please contact our Support through the in-game Settings and our Support Team will try to help you!
The amount of trophies you lose is ridiculous. Especially when going against a higher level. Who are the idiots that planned that. Bunch of morons. Compared clash royale. It’s fun till you face back to back higher levels and lose 35 trophies. If fixed match making it be great and fixed being trolled by people who made it 2400 and purposely drop just to destroy it be great but way it is now no. If fixed I’d say better than clash and I’d spend my money here till than I’m back to clash
  • Two Hands Games
  • We are sorry to hear that your experience with Champion Strike hasn’t been great Jonathon! Matchmaking is currently one of our priorities. The game has been launched recently so the system still needs some tweaking. Please stay tuned for the latest updates on our Facebook page!
love the gameplay and graphics. things to improve though, the hero move a bit slow and attack very slow too making the game looking unsmooth.. this is a fast paced game so heroes need to move and att a litle bit faster… Other than that, i kinda hate that we have 4 chest slot but can only open one chest at a time and then have to wait another 3 to 8 hours based on type chest.. i want them all to be open simultaneously.. this feels really rewarding
  • Two Hands Games
  • Hello, Thank you for your review. What can we do to get five stars? :)

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