Counter Online – Count for your healthy routine habits

[App] Counter Online – Click counter & Tally counter

Counter Online  Counter is an easy counting app for android.

You can add multiple counters with custom names. Also set required values in every counter. For tasbih counting & for mantra counting, this app is a very handy tool to operate through your smartphone.

How Counter Online: Click Counter & Tally counter works?

Install Counter Application
Add new counter
Give custom name, color and category to counter
Add custom categories
Full screen counting access is also available
Set required values for counter
Increasing or decreasing the value option is also available
Set minimum or maximum value for your counter
Add multiple fast counters easily
Set custom details along with each counter
Give custom name & category to counters
Overview your counters in Grid or List type
You can hear sound with your every count
Do volume formatting from settings
Light mode / Dark mode available

Interesting Features:

Full screen counter mode is available
You can put multi counters for a different purpose
Set counterwise custom colors
Enable negative values as well
Volume action with every clicks
Set volume as count voice or click sound
Check detailed statistics
Set custom actions & set counter widget
Dark and Light theme modes
Organize counters in groups
Easy drag and sort available
Set maximum and minimum value limits
Check counting history

Why to have Counter Online: Click Counter & Digital Tally counter in Your Smartphone:

To count everything easily
Use app as Tasbih counter
Easy digital tool for counting things online
App works same as tally counter machine with advanced features
An easy clicker counter Application
Easily start countdown for any games/sports you play
Count for your healthy routine habits
The counter which makes your every counting easy
Works as log counter & net counter effectively

Most efficient application for following purposes :

Digital Tasbih counting / tasbeeh counter
Mantra counting
Sports activity counting
Point counting, net counting, log counting
Click speed test
Footfall counting
Score counting
People counter
Pushups counting

Online counter is a multipurpose application to count things easily with clicks. Use this application as an easy handy tool available in your smartphone for counting.

Counter Online user reviews :

It’s pretty good and easy. And it’s just what i needed with so many custom colors to select to identity the task , made my counting work very easy loved it!

Tally counter is best one app.It has good quality features and graphics.Its really fantastic and amazing app.I like it very much.Good working app.

This online counter application is best application.this is amazing appliction.i appreciate it.this is very useful for us

Excellent application for counting scores or counting Mantras it helps a lot.

Counter online is best application in google play store. It featers is very amazing and easy to use. I like this app

Wow what a great app and wonderful application in Google play store I really like it

Is a super application. Great graphics in this app. Its working is very easy

Is an easy counting app for android. You can add multiple counters with custom names.

One of the great application on play store. I really appreciate the work of the developer. Easy to use

Is a Spectacular and most consecutive application.

Is a useful and Most lovely app. It’s any things to count from it.

Please give more option to WRITE & make Custom Zikr of 6 to 8 lines at least
  • All Excellent Apps
  • Can you please share which features you find difficult to use? Please contact us at appsupport[at]

nice working and outstanding app my favourite app thanks for making recommend

Contact developer :


Download Counter Online from Play Store

Thanks to Stacy for sharing Counter Online

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