Curse of Aros – Fight monsters

[Game] Curse of Aros – MMORPG

Curse of Aros  Fight, harvest, discover – experience endless fun in this exciting MMORPG!

Curse of Aros is an exciting online RPG where you can fight monsters, discover and use items, battle other players and steal their gold, or simply chat with the community in real-time.

Curse of Aros user reviews :

This game is extravagant. Unlike most mobile games, this rpg doesn’t allow you to become op overnight, since each item can only be used if you have reached a certain level to match it’s power. Everything is balanced, there are even tasks to help you gain exp. to level up! The monsters in this game carry different loot than other creatures, and you can only get loot from monsters you kill and vice versa. This stops people from flourishing off of your hard work. You can even play with friends!!!

A very nice game but makes you bored for certain times. You can go mining for ores, chop trees and even fight monsters. Although the monsters are easily killed, I personally hope that the game should add some skills for certain weapons so players don’t need to tap or hold the button for the whole time. That’s all and me myself truly loves this game.

This game is like School of Chaos but BETTER! I really like how theres no ads and the game is amazing.. The only missing thing that isnt in the game is the skills, it only has one button to fight the monsters or to pvp. Fighting skills would be better to be added. So each skills would have a strength level. But other than that, i love the game.

The game is addicting overall, but the new update is annoying. Im annoyed because some people cant even have a chance at killing those reindeer and nightmares( i am one of those people) and the higher level players get it instead. Please fix this if you can and i might rate this game 5 stars.

Great graphic, interesting tasks and events. Though, i would love it if we are able to trade pets since the we can get more than 1 pet but is only allowed to take out 1 at a time. Looking forward for the next update.

This game needs a world map so players can see where there going, and needs a story to tell. Other than that this game is awesome, I played the game for like 20-30 minutes and I’m level 20, it’s amazing.!!!!!!

This game is actually better than i expected. it is fun. a lot of variety. i play it with my friends and we like it! i reccomend. [Suggestion] They Should Add a friends list. so we can be able to play with friends.

This game is good but I suggest a guide book for beginners I started playing this game because my friend suggested it now my friend is teaching me how to play. And add mini maps. This game is simple but addictive its like Minecraft but 2d version of it. Pretty good game good job for the Developer’s they did a good job.

The game is a bit too grindy. It’s surely easier leveling up a thousand than getting good armors like cobalt armors and etc. and i like when each lvl. 10 of applause you will get a reward. so my point is i like the game so far and addicting but so grindy.

Great game, personally I think it will do quite well. It is only 4 stars, however, as the game can be a bit slow. It takes more than 3 seconds to select items in your inventory, and I believe that the theme song in the title screen is an awful lot like the song “the dragonborn comes” from the Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim.

Good game. I have some concerns. Devs should put some pointer so you can find the mob you need to kill on the task, if your new in the game it feels like you need to roam the whole map just to find it. You need to relocate the mobs in the pvp area to somewhere else, It gives the players a hard time to kill those just because other player will attempt to kill you. And lastly you should put this function in window chat, “/g” general chat, “/w NameOfUser” to whisper, so you can talk someone in PM.

A great game that employs some interesting mechanics that deter most toxic behavior. This is a welcome change from most MMO RPG games, that are usually plagued by bullies and toxic players. Love it!

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