Dawn of Zombies – Build and craft on the ground and underground

[Game] Dawn of Zombies – Survival after the Last War

Dawn of Zombies  Dawn of Zombies is an online simulator of survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

Here, those who lived through Conflagration were left to survive against hunger, aberrations, fanatical mutants and zombies, diseases and radiation. And, of course, other survivors.

Game features:

Build and craft on the ground and underground;

Energy is restored for free by food and at the Shelter;

Survive: sate your hunger and quench your thirst, recover from radiation and disease;
Follow the story: dozens of characters, hundreds of quests and notes;
Choose any vehicle to get around — from bicycle to UAZ;
Realistic graphics and lighting — day and night change, volumetric fog;
Aberration zones are filled with mysterious artifacts;
Gloomy wastelands, dark forests, anomalous ruins full of zombies, bandits and wild animals;
Trade and communicate with different factions — from scientists to military;
Gain reputation with factions and characters to receive unique rewards;
Advanced craft: 150+ blueprints for weapons, armor, vehicles;
60+ kinds of weapons: AK, M-16, Makarov pistol, and Mosin-Nagant;
Stealth Mode: hide in the bushes, sneak up and kill without being noticed;
Customize your weapons and armor on a special workbench;
Complete events: protect allies from zombies or attack camps of fanatics;
Locations are constantly changing: look for airdrops and hidden stashes, explore aberration zones;
Go to raids on bosses in radioactive dungeons.

Coming soon:

Multiplayer survival game mode with friends: free-for-all PvP;
Big settlements where you can communicate with other players;
Clan system: upgrade your own base and participate in clan wars;
MMO raids on bosses and hunts for the walking dead;
Co-op PvE quests;
NPC allies and pets, including a dog and robotic dog;
Build a spy drone and besiege other players’ shelters in PvP mode.

You’re one of the survivors, a Strider—the stalker of the wastelands. You explore the Last Territories, the aberration zone that mysteriously survived the war. Here, man is more dangerous than beast, here you can be killed for a can of tinned meat and worn shoes. Somewhere in the Territories, your last friend, a lone wolf aberration expert, has disappeared. Only he can help you regain your memory and survive…

News and Contests:
Discord: discord.gg/HkTnXEJ
Instagram: www.instagram.com/doz_survival
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dawnofzombies
Twitter: twitter.com/doz_survival
Telegram: t.me/dawnofzombies
Tech support: support[at]dozsurvival.com

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User Reviews :

The game is nice, it requires a lot of time, but at least you won’t regret it. Loading screens are anoing but this is the only minus of this game.
  • Royal Ark
  • Thanks for your feedback. Try to turn off and back on your internet connection, clear the cache of the game (but not data!) and restart your device. If the problem remains contact us at support[at]dozsurvival.com.
An Overall Great game unlike other games that I’ve played that had like the same genre. The Pay to Win kind of feature is ONLY when you want to lessen the time grinding, collecting a lot of resources and all that, tactic and map awareness is key to playing this, and I think that’s a great balance. Love the graphics. Just a request, I hope you guys can make it so that when we die at events, when we return we can continue on the health of enemies, bosses, and not come back to them full health. :)
  • Royal Ark. We craft best action games every day
  • Thank you for your positive feedback! We appreciate it :) Your suggestion will be transferred to the developers.
Excellent game! DOZ has a really great Fallout-esque feel to it. I appreciate the varied opponents; its not just all world war z style endless zombies. It is challenging but not too much. You do have to be very careful, as you will lose your gear if you die in the wrong area.Very realistic survival feel to it. Yes, there is plenty of stuff to buy, but you don’t have to, and the discounts are good. I’ve only spent $5 so far. I’m hooked!
  • Royal Ark. We craft best action games every day
  • Thank you for detailed review! Good luck in the Last Territories!
Really nice game Its fair when it comes to getting items after watching some ads But the energy consumption is quite high and you have to eat and stock a lot of food if you want to keep playing for long periods of time otherwise you have to wait for a bit. Hope you at least reduce the energy needed to open some things especially the cars.
  • Royal Ark. We craft best action games every day
  • Thank you for the response and for your suggestion, good luck in the Last Territories!
It’s a great game however I don’t like the fact that after receiving a handgun as a daily reward that it was taken from my inventory after dying. You shud be able to keep those items throughout the game. Other than that, I am really enjoying the challenge of the game overall thanks guys
  • Royal Ark. We craft best action games every day
  • Thank you for opinion! You can pick up your loot only after death in the Shelter or special events locations (Warehouse for example).

Latest Update :

Thanksgiving Day in the Territories! Complete quests, kill enemies, hunt turkeys and compete with other players.
New location: Poultry Farm, and a boss, the Alpha Turkey.
New perfect weapon: Hawks AF-M, and new Citadel Corps veteran’s backpack.
New helper: Tribal Cook, new decoration: Turkey Shed and Tribal Warrior appearance.
Perfect weapon repairs available! Upgrade the repair workbench and get arms crates from the new merchant, the Ensign at the Outpost.

Dawn of Zombies developer :


Video :

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