Draw Hero 3D – Use your mind and logic skills

[Game] Draw Hero 3D

Draw Hero 3D  Draw your weapon and defeat bad guys with a single hit! Use your mind and logic skills, solve puzzles and win!

Draw Hero 3D is a new puzzle game where you need to rid the world of bandits and zombies. The main goal is to draw a suitable weapon and kick all the enemies off the level. Make the right decisions, choose the appropriate weapon’s shape and smash ’em all. Train your brain and be ready to face the most cunning enemies!

How to play Draw Hero 3D?

Draw the appropriate weapon with your finger to get rid of the bad guys and save the world. Be careful – you don’t have much space on the screen where you can draw shapes and weapons. Use the available space wisely.

All you need to be the leader in this puzzle game is to use your logic and brain & solve interesting quests. Draw cool weapons and defeat the bad guys to save all the victims as fast as possible!

Game features:

Addictive gameplay
Interesting puzzles
Multiple levels
Amazing 2D graphics, visuals & sounds
Easy controls

Draw Hero 3D is a new era of stickman puzzle games! Save ’em all and become a hero!

Put your logic and creativity under the test! Click the install button and enjoy!


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Instagram: www.instagram.com/azur_games
YouTube: www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames

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Draw Hero 3D user reviews :

Really 3*…but after 30+ levels (liberal use of that word) the ads come in between ‘levels’ and don’t give the same feeling of lasting pleasure as 3 or 4 “hits” in a row… Shame on devs… Lots of FUN but keep ads to a minimum… Sparse that is… It will NEVER be greater than 3* – but that’s OK – it’s PURE entertainment at it’s cheapest… WooHaw… Yippee-kye-yaā… Ya ready Roy! [210530 Edit] Ya wanna know what’s really BAD: The “CELEBRATION” starts WAY before the ACTION is DONE – UNCOOL…

Its a really good game but you need to make a few tweaks 1st for the majority(vast majority)of the levels all you need to do is gently tap the box making a small ball and it clears it 2nd make more levels because im at level 297 and have played the same one multiple times if youre gonna use the same level again make it harder this is a addictive game and it can be so much better if you address the issue’s ive said because as it is now im gonna delete it cause theres no more fun i got more 2 say

Fun to draw and kill the bad guys but has WAY too many ads. Decent game to try in airplane mode which often eliminates ad’s for offline games like this. I didn’t turn on airplane mode because I had enough of this game after the first 10 or 15 VERY EASY LEVELS.

Very entertaining and i have no problems with it just turn off internet on your phone for no ads

Absolutely no skill or thinking required. You can literally beat every round with a single dot or line. 2 stars only for the slow-mo deaths.

I really like this game it’s very addictive and fun too. I recommend this game for all my friends to play and it’s real easy.

I’d give it more stars if there weren’t SO MANY ads! Maybe put a buy out to remove ads?

Just a simple, fun little game to while away a few minutes.

Experimentation in your drawing skills, make this game more fun.

So fun explode! like the game overall but do not know about some things I actually want to be a youtuber

I like the fact that you don’t have to work on it wall you are work’ing on something else. From: Jericho

My 3 yr old son and I enjoy playing this game together. Thank you guys for the fun app.

Hello! No issue about the game but ya know I just reached level 1000 after playing for 6 months… now I’m in lvl 1003

Fun game, little too easy but its fun

Cute game nice challenges not much ads

I love this game. It can challenge your spacial skills and make you think. Best of all, no in app purchases necessary.

I love it. It’s just simple fun when you want to punch someone in the face

Amazing, when i first play this game from that time i just want to play this game only.

Makes you think! Makes you laugh! Brings out your inner creator.

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