Dungeon Knight – Use skills to wipe out monsters

[Game] Dungeon Knight – 3D Idle RPG

Dungeon Knight  You fought bravely against endless waves of monster attacks.

But in the end, you were overwhelmed and fell.
When you opened your eyes, the time has turned back to 3 years before the Armageddon.
You realize that you were thrown back in time.
Don’t let this opportunity to save the world slip away.
Merge diverse weapons and classes to become stronger, and stronger!

Idle game with real control features
Dungeon Knight is an idle game, and so much more!
Control your hero to move and attack!
Use skills to wipe out monsters with a single strike!
Or you can easily level up with the Auto hunt feature and collect items.
Too busy to play Dungeon Knight? Do not worry, we got you covered!
It’s a real Idle RPG, which means your hero consistently earns gold even when you’re offline.

High-quality 3D graphics
Feel the spectacular skill effects and high-quality graphics!
Explore and experience different regions of the realm!

Play together
Communicate with other players through the chat feature.
Challenge players from around the world in the Arena and claim your top position in the Ranking system.

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Dungeon Knight user reviews :

Nice game to spent your free time. Could be more things todo to get stronger faster couse without donating you will need few months to get atleast rank 700..

The game is amazing, you don’t have to pay to win which is good. I just have one question? The arena only lets you play 30 times and you get 10 points everytime you win. So that’s 300 points, how come I see people with like 400,500,or 600, I’m always below the within 100th mark. Please answer this thank you. Other than that, amazing game.
  • mobirix
  • Thank you for your feedback. We will forward the statement to the department in charge for review. If you have any other suggestions, please send them to help[at]mobirix.com. Thank you and we will do our best to provide more fun games in the future.

This seems like my kind of idle game. I’ll update my review if that changes. I wish there was a way to auto challenge the boss every so often, but I’ll live without it. Edit – Eh.. getting tired of it fast, it’s the same thing all of the time and so little of it at that.

A very fun and very enjoyable game! I like how merging is easy (button press) much better than drag and drop. Though the flash when Summoning is really sudden and bright. Perhaps add an option to disable that flash? For future class/weapon ideas. After merging a UUU tier class to X, then say Archer. After getting through Archer all the way to UUU, merge to X for Mage. Then starting at D for Mage. Then: Druid Paladin Necromancer, Ranger, Wizard, and same for weapons. UUU merge to D for next type
  • mobirix
  • Good morning. This is Mobirix. Thank you for your valuable rating! If you have any complaints while using the game, please send it to the [Options]-[Support] menu in the game or to help[at]mobirix.com, we will try to provide you with quick and detailed answers!
Providing 5 stars now. Ads issues are being resolved now and I rarely get the problem of having no ads available. Just need more improvement on avaibility of shop items. Friends/Guild feature would be cool too. More skills to come as well and probably classes to choose from in the future! This game have lots of potential and please add events!
  • mobirix
  • Thank you for your valuable opinion. We will discuss the part of the advertising function that you gave us feedback so that improvement can be made. We hope that you will continue to use it, and if you have any other inquiries, please feel free to contact us in the game. Please submit your inquiry.

I liked this game i love the graphics and also cute characters i only have suggestions why dont you try to put other class not just swordsman ahahahaja but still a 5 stars because i enjoy a lot .

Idle done right. Easy to play, good progression, walls are easily passed. Great purchase value. Generous free premium currency system. In an app store filled with bloat, this one floats.

This so promising,Easy and simple,but the graphics is excellent and I enjoyed the game so much,I’m looking and very excited for an update in the near future.
  • mobirix
  • Hello. This is Mobirix. Thank you for your valuable rating! If you have any complaints while using the game, please send it to the [Options]-[Support] menu in the game or to help[at]mobirix.com, we will try to provide you with quick and detailed answers!

Latest Update :

1. Changed the UI at the top of the game
2. Added Rune, Rune dungeon, Rune summon system.

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