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Elona Mobile  Welcome to this bizarre land! Unleash your imagination and explore!

Elona Mobile is a Roguelike RPG. Its open-world nature and complex system may confuse you initially, but will surely keep you fascinated sooner or later! No auto controls, no repetitive kills. Only a pure joy of exploring and expanding.

It all began with a shipwreck. You boarded a ship to escape Etherwind causing mutations, but bumped into a storm unfortunately. You woke up to find yourself in North Tyris, a strange and dangerous land, where you’re going to embark on an unforgettable adventure and experience all kinds of life you might have imagined—warrior who dedicated to save the world, pianist travels around or just a merry farmer enjoys fishing and planting. 11 races and 10 classes are all at your disposal!


Arm Yourself for the Dungeon Crawling
On your journey to seal victories and unearth treasures in dungeons, you need to mix and match from different equipment, upgrade skills and feats, or even recruit roadside NPCs and monsters for help.

Create Your Dream Life
Be a farmer, a chef, or a business tycoon… You can carve your own path and experience all kinds of life in Elona.

Develop Your Own Personality
No judges, no moral limits, you can be whatever you want to be—an accommodating citizen, or a violent marauder!

Free Character Building
11 races and 10 classes are at your disposal! Goblin pianist, snail tourist… Live your own life and become a legend!

100+ Bizarre Findings
Horse lays eggs! Panties are weapons! Drink water from the Toilet to increase your stats!

Unexpected Events & Turns
Explore countless different roguelike dungeons and find unexpected treasures!

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Discord: discord.gg/edDvNpkyfu

Elona Mobile user reviews :

It’s a good game. But not being able to reuse a name of a character that I have already deleted is a big downer. I had expected to be able to reuse the same name if I deleted the character, since it was my first try, and I messed up. Also, all characters should get the Sister’s Secret Diary, because not getting to play with an imouto thief is just not as fun. Next, I just got logged off after buying a Raw Noodle, though small, it will rot by the time maintenance is done. Please include your GMT.

About the game itself, everything is outstanding, that is all I can say. But what stopped me from giving 5 stars is the “disconnected from server” problem which happens ways too frequently, almost every time you change zone or getting a loot roll it can happen, even with good Internet. The problem takes lots of time to fix itself, and the game auto-restart that zone and whatever good loots you rolled or monster you can capture disappear. I hope devs can add an option to play it offline.

Some of the dialog was short-cuted like the monster appear on the map as u choose the option to avoid , there’s also some unnecessary thing such as the ability to pick up stuff in the arsenal and you cant place it back down, for the resort the fact that u have to take awake ur ally equipment is a pain ,might consider allowed to wear equipment while using the resort while the visual of their appearance would be there normal cloth or resort cloth

Why cant I play? I was super excited to play the game because of the description and the reviews overall. The problem is that when it asks to use the players google account to continue. I dont mind the whole account thing, what bothers me is that when I click the account I want to use, it exits me out of the game and it crashes. I even checked that little box to help, but nope. I can’t even PLAY. Becaue ive done this three times aready, I cant even START. Please fix this, the game seems fun.

Really good pretty much the same experience as the original with some graphic and gameplay polish, although I hope they do expand way more on these, hard comparison to make considering that elona + has been around for almost a decade in development. Overall a really good translation of a really good game on a platform that really needs good games.

A bit laggy, but that’s probably just my device acting up. :’) Maybe fix up a few glitches here and there and then you’re fine! The side quests are a bit much (they never end ;-;), I’ve already gone through more than I’ve done on any other game… :’) Still, it’s fun to play and I like the characters!

Fun to play until..wait what? Its an online.game! Yeah the question is, if there many robot why did u make it an online game? I didnt see any other players? Also i cant open my inventory bcz the stupid task bar covering it! Why cant we just hide the task bar so i can buy some food again. My level is going down to 1 bcz i always die of hunger- And the task said i have to go deep to find the missing ppl but i played it 1 week still cant find it..

So far, I think I could do everything I pretty much want to do and the mechanics of the game is pretty simple. But I needed to turn on ad-free mode to have no crashes while playing the game so I can’t watch ads to get items (I think?) I recommend starting as a stronger hero because if you started like a fairy thief like me It would be hard.

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