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Empire War Age of ThronesEmpire War Age of Thrones : Enter the world of Caesar and rise from nothing to become the greatest Emperor the world has ever known.

Ready your infantry, cavalry and ballistae and download Empire War. Begin by utilizing your skills of leadership, diplomacy and warfare to exert your influence over both your friends and foes. Use your mobile to effectively lead your civilization in a tactical expansion to ascend the throne in this engaging, Evony style, Roman era MMO game of war.


In one of the most engaging, Goodgame Empire and Evony, like PvP online MMO games currently in the Play Store, raise your nobility rank by completing assigned tasks to earn prestige points. Rise from the rank of citizen and expand your empire to achieve world domination as Caesar and be proclaimed as Emperor of all civilization.

Emulate the great conquerors of history, Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan. Hear the sound of your armies as they march to war. Wage brutal massacres alongside tactical diplomacy to bend your rivals to your will. Use your military strength, featuring legionaries, cavalry and ballistae to wield your influence and the diplomacy of war against players and barbarians alike before occupying their land.

Enjoy watching as your civilization grows, expands and rises to greatness day by day as your journey of expansion and your quest to become the most feared name in the land gathers pace.

Remember, you are not the only liege with eyes on the crown. Get in your saddle or march alongside your troops and use Goodgame empire style tactics to lead your men onto the battlefield as well as defend your prestige and your city from attackers in an exciting and intense PvP online game of war. Use sieges to force your opponent’s hand before finally adding their names to the long list of cities you occupy.

Join scores of players across the world in the delicate balancing of diplomacy and war. Will you earn the prestige you need to raise your nobility level and become duke and then the Emperor you were born to be in the ruthless age of Rome?


As one of the top MMO strategy games in the Google Play store, Empire War is a game not to be missed. Download Empire War to enjoy:

A free Roman-era strategy MMO war game! Channel your inner Game of Thrones fan and lead your city to domination in an Evony inspired battle for world domination.
Master the game of war. Increase your tactical knowledge and train troops including, cavalry, pikemen, legionnaires and ballista, before marching to fight open battles and sieges. Confront, influence and dominate the decisions of players from across the world in PvP online wars, akin to the style of Evony.
As liege, make the key decisions crucial in Empire building and watch as your wise leadership leads the expansion of your dynasty and a rise to greatness in this realistic Roman style war game with gameplay similar to Goodgame Empire and The Hobbit.
Grow your influence, control multiple cities, massacre barbarians and occupy the throne of Rome to claim the crown and force all to succumb and recognize you as their liege!
Gameplay that includes a beautiful, Roman world complete with video, graphics, scenery, and animation of a legendary historical era.
Begin a quest to build a civilization from the ground up and make your name one that the will go down in history!
Gain prestige to increase your nobility rank! Pass milestones such as ‘Duke’ on the way to the ascending the throne, dominating your rivals and ultimately claiming the crown as the one true emperor.
Take part in regular events and promotions to earn rich rewards to aid the development of your civilization and remain one step ahead of the barbarians and your peers.
Join the Empire War Community today and become part of a large, active online fan base who are all engrossed in this awe inspiring war game.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/empirewarpage

Empire War Age of Thrones user reviews :

Wow…never thought it will be a worth of a game,not until i download it and see the unimaginary experience the creators use in building this superb strategy game..but it at first takes your time and later on that i mean after your City is grown.. that when you see the real game….more love to the creators….@ridwank

Surely the best strategy game out there for free. Simple to play, great alliance system and massive battle system. In a word, superb!

I play it for one day and after it i cant connect… Last it ask me to rate and i ignore becose i didnt see if is good game, now i rate it for 1 star!

I loved this game so much by playing this game I forget about my clash of clan

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1. New mount: Blazing Angels
2. Blazing Angels event is coming soon
3. Other optimization

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