Frontline Eastern Front – Puts you in command of the German forces

[Game] Frontline Eastern Front

Frontline Eastern Front  Frontline Eastern Front is a turn-based, Offline, operational strategy WW2 wargame that puts you in command of the German forces as they try to push their way into Russia during Operation: Barbarossa, Typhoon, Zitadelle(Kursk)

The variety of maps and battle situations is what makes “Frontline” so different and engaging: you are confronted with blitzkriegs, trench wars, aerial fights, but also unusual situations such as capturing important documents.

*The “Frontline” series is a one-man team effort to keep bringing Old-School games in the style of strategy we all grew up with. I only ask that you rate the game.

Fight your way through 30 WW2 battles – Aim your targets carefully, counter-attack and strategically coordinate your Squads. The study of enemy tactics and the use of Special abilities will lead to victory!
Frontline: Eastern Front is a hex-based strategy World War 2 wargame with real historical units, maps, countries, factions, strategy&tactics. In this wargame you get to lead your army to victory by conquering objectives in any strategy you find best.

New units become available as you progress through the campaign based on your ingenuity, skill, and tactics.
Units improve and unlock new behaviors once they get the experience needed, abilities that will prove indispensable in battle: Camouflage, Sabotage, Over-watch, Smoke, AT grenades, Artillery barrage, Shell Shock, Transport, Special Panzers, APCR, Suppressed, Routed, M.I.A, K.I.A, Infantry Charge.


Massive weapons arsenal: 170+ unique units
Designed for Android phones & tablets
30 Historical scenarios
Level up & Active abilities for every unit
Scripted events & battles objectives
No turn limit
Localization: En, De, Ru, It
Zoom controls
Intuitive interface
IAP: We may charge for DLC’s (Extra content only, NO micro-transactions)
Featured Operations: Minsk, Alitus, Brodi, Kiev, Mogilev, Smolensk road, Smolensk city, Tallinn, Leningrad, Viazma, Tula, Demyansk Pocket, Kharkov, Sevastopol, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Stalingrad, Op. Mars, Milerov, RzhevIII, Kursk, Mius River, Belgorod, Kremenchuk, Lenino, Kiev, Korsun, Bobruysk, Vistula, Op Barbarossa, Typhoon, Zittadelle.

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“If you are a player of Turn-based Strategy & tactics Hex-grid WW2 Wargames, this game is definitely for you!”
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Frontline Eastern Front user reviews :

I loved the game I finished act one but can’t get on to act 2 because I have to pay an why dose it have to cost money it’s a ripeoff when I could play some other game like this one an not have to pay just to get on new stages please change this it suck an is a scam for money make the acts free an we work our way up through acts an don’t have to buy them

I played Eastern Front and Patriotic War. Eastern is much better. Great visually/contrast/colors. I like the various attributes for gameplay and unit development but still maintains minimalism. Problem: when I select a unit or select the supply menu, both are a pop up menu that block my units. I cant minimize the menu while still being able to apply my feature to my units or select the units. Particularly if I want to heal/resupply a unit. Make a black void round map? I will buy acts 2/3.

Graphics is 5 Star. Smothness is 5 Star. Music is 5 Star. . . . But I am rating it1 Star because A.I is too dumb, and you guys should put a notification when there are troops movement is available when ending the turns, I have accident end the turn manytime while playing this, apart from thay this game deserve 5 STAR.

As a veteran of all the Panzer General, Allied General, Pacific General PC games, I’ve been looking for an app version that captured that flow, look, feel, and attention to detail – especially in the array of units – that those games had. I’m looking no further, this is it! Also, much like those games, it is entertaining and fun. No glitches, seamless interface, no lag… just fun. The extras that cost a couple of bucks are well worth it. Thank you to the creators of this gem!
  • Frontline Games Series
  • Hi Len, thank you so much! As a Solo dev, it always makes my day when somebody that also loves Panzer General enjoys my games. I do have in plan more games in this series. The next game is currently in Alpha and I hope you will also enjoy it. Thank you, sir and stay safe!
Great War game! Very good panzer general type of game. Excellent graphics. A. I. Is aggressive. Highly recommend for the price! DLC costs less than a cup of coffee. Hours of Armchair General gaming! Cold War game up next?
  • Frontline Games Series
  • Thank you very much! Not yet, to be honest the cold war is not my favorite, thow` I might try it at some point. The next game I’m working on it’s a cross over of a wargame with a boar-game, we’ll see how you guys like it, cheers sir!

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