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Game of Nations  Take a break and discover the joys of world domination in the NEW RPG Adventure title, Game of Nations.

You won’t have to lift a finger, just swipe and start your journey!

Immerse yourself in an epic universe with a beautiful story as you unlock unique Heroes from legendary civilizations, each with its fantastic set of skills. You will enjoy the company of epic Heroes, mythical creatures, and gods alike who will rally to your cause and trump your rivals in the clash of powers.

The single-player campaign is a joy to progress through, but you won’t want to neglect the PvP battles in the Arena – they put your skills to the test and you will get generous rewards.


Come up with the best Heroes and Units lineup to crush your enemies on the battlefield.
Upgrade your Heroes to make them stronger and unlock their unique skills.
Gear up your team roster and watch how you ace the game.

Progress through the Campaign and fight against ancient Gods, beasts, or fearless warriors.
Cause some discord in the PvP Arena and discover all sorts of ways to combine your Units and match up to other players.
Climb up the ranks in the Arena Leaderboards to unlock rewards.
Battle your way to the top in the Tower of Aspiration and face off forces of nature to unlock extra prizes.

Explore countless civilizations, each with its Heroes, monsters, and magical creatures – Greeks Roman, Norse, Native American, or Korean characters will lend you a helping hand in the fight against evil forces.
Summon Heroes and units from different factions representing the four elements of nature, Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Each faction holds buffs and unique advantages over other factions so mind this when building your formation.

Challenge daily the Alliance Giant and collect precious rewards.
Send and receive Alliance Gifts, essential for summoning new Heroes.
Be part of your own tribe, chat for fun or debate strategies with Alliance mates.

Claim the AFK Treasury that’s brimming with loads of Hero boosting items.
Mix and match your Heroes and Units and sit back to watch them fight for you.
Effortlessly gather Chests in the Arena and open them to collect amazing loot

Discover the adventure, craft up the greatest team, meet new friends or taunt your foes!

Go conquer your World and join us on Discord:
Or reach out to us at support[at]

Game of Nations user reviews :

Still early days of playing. 4 days in. Will update again later. Surprisingly more fun than I thought it would be. There are constant reconnecting issues while I am playing. Definitely not my net. hence the 4 star rating. There are pay to win mechanics from cash shop. but as free to play plenty to keep playing for atm. Whether we hit a brick wall later and are forced to spend, we will see. game generous enough for ulyou to keep going early and make a decent team for some awesome casual fun
  • Erepublik Labs
  • Hello, Thanks for your review! Should you have any ideas to share with us, please contact us at support[at] We’d like to improve the game in every aspect and deserve a 5-star rating :) The Game of Nations team
Looks like a great game, but I am having issues that make it borderline unplayable. 1) If an ad plays, the game will crash after. May it be the regular mid game ads, or the free goodies (it’s annoying because I don’t even get the reward), I watch until I can skip or close the ad, and then the screen goes black and the game stops responding (crashes). 2) If I try to switch apps or anything of the kind, the game freezes and eventually, crashes.
  • Erepublik Labs
  • Hi there, Thanks for your review! If you have any connectivity issues or have come across any faults in the game, feel free to get in touch with our support team at support[at] and we will gladly offer our assistance to help you enjoy Game of Nations to the fullest. :) The Game of Nations Team
Sprites are fun and the little battles play out nicely. There’s not alot of content however and the xp throttles hard pretty early. It’s also glitchy and prone to soft crashes and major stuttering. The gear system is cool, the factions are standard rock paper scissors logic and the evolution system adds another layer of progression. Its very stingy with its premium currency and the cash prices can be ridiculously large for not alot.
  • Erepublik Labs
  • Hi , Thanks for your review and generous rating! We would hate for this to be a lasting impression of Game of Nations – a very fun game, we’re polishing to offer you an exciting experience. Thus, we’re inviting you to join our Discord Community, where you can find more tips and tricks on gameplay and winning gems!
Clever and delightful. Try it. ETA: After the first few days, the game gets really stingy with resources, so it becomes Pay-to-Win. I think this is a balance problem rather than the devs’ actual intention; I’ll check back in a few weeks to see whether they’ve fixed it.
  • Erepublik Labs
  • Hello , Thank you so much for your kind words and your 5-star review! We’re happy about them but even more happy that you love Game of Nations!

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