Grim Wanderings – Participate in tactical battles

[Game] Grim Wanderings

Grim Wanderings  Second part is in development. Preview is available in youtube

The game also available in STEAM:

Review from Hardcore Droid:

Oldschool turn-based roguelike rpg

You will explore randomly generated maps, filled with exciting events, participate in tactical battles and make strategic decisions. The game features about 500 different creatures, several hundred events and a huge number of artifacts and potions

Grim Wanderings user reviews :

I bought Grim Wanderings 2, and then thought I’d check this out, and ended up buying this also. Each game is unique, and provides deep, atmospheric game play.

The worst problems about this game is that there isn’t enough storyline for each race and that you’re class/race locked for your main character. There are over 10 unique, playable races with many of them having a unique class system so not being able to play those and instead, be locked as one race, one class is depressing. Otherwise, this game does everything right where GrimW2 fails. Majority of choices aren’t RNG, defend action is a thing, cool classes, better rep system, and no bs budgeting.

Good fun, but I don’t know how to move on to next map to keep gaining xp and levels. Also I explored and conquered all tiles in the original rectangle and after portal but still did not finish my quests. Maybe I need to revisit something. Unclear.

So far I’m addicted to the game, but I was having a bit of difficulty, even with the game on easy I was having trouble succeeding but I changed my approach and it helped. I will say that I do wish we could watch videos and receive gold for watching those videos.

This game is mind blowing! Remind me oblivion! It’s open world, random encounters, can recruit many kind of race and monster for your party, it’s offline and free! I love it

I play this again & again in offline mode. Random enough to get killed if your not paying attention. I like that this app respects individual privacy & dosent require many permissions.

Really fun little game, translation is a tad off so learning the game can be a tad confusing, but it’s surprisingly deep for a phone game. Not for anybody who likes an easy, hand-holding experience, but if you think you’d enjoy a challenging blend of turn-based RPG and choose your own adventure, you cant go wrong with Grim Wanderings. Would love to see more from these guys in the future, especially a Switch release

I enjoy it. I still have to play more to appreciate locations in the game I haven’t discovered yet.

Overall, the game certainly captures some of the “feel” of old disciples… Sadly though, it fails to innovate on the original concept. The artwork is nice, but, it gets swallowed in such a tiny display… So, it all ends as a tiny mess that can’t really be visually understood well…old games used big portraits for a reason – otherwise you won’t understand much of it. Some of the sounds feel out of place, and there really is no difference between the armys in arch/impact. It was nice overall.

If you like the Disciples series and/or the Monsters Den series, then you will like this game. This game took the best features of both of these series and put them together into one game with a few of their own added twists and features. 5 races, 3 campaigns per race, and 2 difficulty levels. I’m playing on easy and it’s quite challenging.

Good game. Like the party system of the game where you can make more than one type of party. You could make a classic party with ranger, healer, support, tank and all that or you can also make party which goes very offensive and take out enemies before they get to attack. Would like to see more updates on the game. Like new units and maybe some more hero units. And maybe add a way to recruit heroes of the same race in game or meet heroes of other races as enemies. Anyways, love this game.

A great fun game. The setting and tone really places you in the the game’s grim world. Controls are fine, art and graphics are great overall (although I do prefer that some of it will be replaced with better ones; that’ll make it perfect), has a few annoying bugs but nothing game-breaking. The game needs more content and some polishing. Then again the Part Two is already here so I doubt if anyone would still play this or if the devs would put more time here.

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