Guardians Alien Hunter – Are you that legendary commander

[Game] Guardians Alien Hunter

Guardians Alien Hunter   An advanced alien civilization is colonizing our Galaxy.

Their devastating attacks destroyed millions of lives and wiped out most of the natural resources. With no other options, humanity must stand up and form a Guardian team to shoot the Aliens down and protect the beloved prosperous galaxy.

Guardians are heavily armed with advanced weapons to defeat all kinds of enemies. Humanity awaits a hero who can lead them to win this epic battle. Are you that legendary commander? Are you ready to fight with us? Join the battle now!


Explore many stages and locations with uniquely designed monsters.
Unlock various heroes and skills.
Increase your power with upgraded weapons.
Immerse yourself in ultra stunning graphics and realistic animations.
Easy to play, easy to control. You can play anywhere, anytime with just one finger.

Download and help Guardians save the world now!

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Guardians Alien Hunter user reviews :

Not the best version of this type of game… Each level is 5 rooms so your power ups get reset too quickly. All the item drops are basically the same weapon or gear, there doesn’t seem to be a variety of traits. The floating dpad control is the only choice. I hate this method because my thumb will end up all over the screen instead of in the corner. This should have been optional. Many monsters don’t even run towards the character. I played about twenty minutes and I’m not impressed.

Fun for a while until the adds start getting to you. Bonus cash, add. Bonus gems, add. Bonus this and that, adds. OK I get it. You have to make a profit. But do you really need an add just to receive boss loot. No add drop from vip 1-10. Over all the game is challenging and fun. But when you spend more time watching adds than playing the game, there’s a problem. Put in a “pay to drop adds” and I might be back to change my rating.

2.5 but definitely not a 3 or higher. This game could easily get 4-5’s if they did a few things. First off, if I choose to watch an ad and there isnt one available, not my problem. Then I just get the thing I was trying to watch an ad for. Second, the whole ‘vip level to unlock daily challenge’ is B.S. I’m all for making money, but I shouldn’t have to be any level of anything to unlock daily challenges so I can work towards 1 gold key of which I need 20 anyway. Itd take 20 days of play to earn.

Conceptually a nice spin on archero. As usual ads ruin the game. If i choose to skip an ad and not resurrect, dont show me an ad anyways. Also unlike archero there is little toom in this game to build a character by choosing from random skills. Instead you get whatever drops and maybe get 2-3 skills per level. Most of which dont really add value to the gameplay.

Great concept. Fun game but I been grinding for 2 days and spent $10 to upgrade and I can’t beat any levels. Not 1, 2, or 3 star stages. How much more of my money will it take to win? Waste of $10 if you ask me. Personally don’t recommend unless you gonna spend money..

Love the game. I wish it had cheaper options for newer,stronger characters. It would be cool to have a bonus round with fairly easy enemys and lots of coins etc. to get. But other than being very tough to beat(which i guess is the point of a fighting/shooting game) its pretty dang cool.

The game overall isn’t that bad a few bugs in the game, if you could do something with a few mini games or team mode would make it more desirable

The game is actually pretty good and really keeps me busy and focussed. I have noted that I cannot for some reason make use of the normal boxes which are accumulating which is why I can only give the game 2 stars instead of 5.

I give it 5 stars becauae i find it challenging, the more you play, the higher level you reach the harder it becomes, plus beside all that it’s ads free you dont have to see those annoying ads until you choose to, i highly recommend this game as it’s fun to play.

Listen up team, after Arcade Hunter, Alien Hunter, what next .. ? It’s must be, Zombie Hunter!! A Horror visual, auto-attack mechanism, bloody war, with polished survival style storyline, numerous never ending horde mutated zombie, and thriller music, is a perfect next game for this Hunter IP. Including Co-op survival mode. Hopefully you guys considering this idea.

A great arctype game that’s new, and that’s hard to find lately!

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