Harvest io – Become the fastest farmer in the village

[Game] Harvest io

Harvest io  Try out Harvest.io – a new farming simulator in io style.

You can drive the tractor all over the field to harvest crops! Watch the trailer with haystack behind you grow as you cut & plow it all up! But be careful, the trailer might get too big: don’t bump into yourself or others.

Harvest.io features:

Simple, snake like mechanics of a farming simulator
A farming arcade in io style!
Satisfying game sessions: drive as long as you want, but watch out for obstacles!
Circle the enemy and steal resources
Race with your competitors!
Colourful 3D graphics & different crops to harvest

Become the fastest farmer in the village!


Facebook: www.facebook.com/AzurGamesOfficial
Instagram: www.instagram.com/azur_games
YouTube: www.youtube.com/AzurInteractiveGames

Harvest io user reviews :

This game was very interesting and fun! The graphics and sound are amazing! It’s creative visualization make me feel the presence of the wizarding world! It really amaze me right when I tap to open the app. Now I really enjoy discovering and playing this app in the first place! Thanks to Zayn who inspired me to install and check out the app. Worth it. I didn’t regret using my storage for this game. It really made my day magical! Looking forward for the best of the App. Thank you!

upd8: updated app just for it to make the ads broken/unexitable it’s really fun to just mindlessly play while listening to podcasts or shows, but the ads are annoyingly instrusive. wish they werent like after every round or just be like. pop up and done instead of 30 seconds. my other concern is the other players seem to be computers/bots because its all the same generic names.

I would have given it 5 stars but when you reach level 25 the harvest quotas disappear and the game pretty much stagnates. After reading all the reviews it is apparent to me that the makers of this game have no plans to fix the problem in it so I am deleting it as I can’t progress

This game definitely deserves 5 stars from me l guess… l like that this game is soo addicting & the most important reason for rating 5 stars is that this game has less ads than the other games… these ads are the number 1 reason any player hates… but l just love that this game has less ads… & Good job guys… We want more awesome & less ads games like this…

Was loving it.. until I can no longer see how many crops I need to advance. Been playing on the same field for over a week and no advancing. I will be deleting if it doesn’t get fixed

Wasn’t for me. I wasn’t expecting straight out the gate to be avoiding other players at full speed before I even knew what the controls were. I’m sure it’s great for some people but I was looking for a chill game before falling asleep. Uninstalled.

It used to be pretty cool. However since I have reached level 25 it does not collect your crops and put towards your goal to move on to the next field. So now you are just stuck on the same field you were on. That of course got boring really fast. I will have to find a new game to play.

Its a really fun game, just wish there was more customization available for like colors or styles of the tractor. Being able to play with real people would be fun too. Edit: The new update has cool customization options for your tractor. I love it!

I love the game. I paid the $2.99 for no ads. I assumed it meant I didn’t have to watch an ad to get the extras, like my other games. That wasn’t the case I paid to not watch your 5 second ads that play here and there. What a waste of money.

Was really enjoying it but then got to a certain level and now it doesn’t show the number of crops you need to advance to the next level.. so it is stuck on this one level which is getting boring cos there is no way to move forward

This used to be a great game until it updated yesterday. My daughter enjoyed playing this game and unlocking the new fields. However, this is not case anymore. She has been stuck in the same field for 2 days now without moving on to the next field. Please change it.

I love the game because it’s very satisfying to clear all the crops but the controls stop working all the time. And sometimes ads will pop up mid game and make you close the app. Not to mention the revive button never working.

It’s snake. But more interesting. Not a lot to do, repetitive but amusing. Not too bad for adverts in comparison to other games – game play is not interrupted for adverts.

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