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Pet City 2  Welcome to Pet City 2. Come for your Pet – Stay for your friends!

Adopt an adorable virtual pet and create a fabulous life for it. Jump right into the world of shopping, decorating and having fun with your neighbors. With new shop items released each week there is always something fun and exciting happening in Pet City 2.The creative possibilities are unlimited as you entertain yourself and your imagination to take you and your pet anywhere you want to go. Join Pet City 2 now!

BE NURTURING! Your pet is all yours to care for. Feed your pet, play with toys daily and take Selfies together. And soon your pet becomes your daily companion.
STYLE YOUR PET! With new shop items released every week you’ll be able to dress up your pet in the most stylish looks as well as themed looks – from magical fairy to rock star!
DECORATE BEAUTIFUL ROOMS! Show your creativity and explore endless decorating ideas with new and unique decor items every week. Decorate the house of your dreams for your pet!
MAKE NEW FRIENDS! Join the Add Me Pool and make new friends and neighbors.
DO PLAY DATES! Visit neighbor pets and toss a ball, pillow fight, skip rope and much more. Your pet will even hi-five, share a secret handshake and tickle!
BE HELPFUL! Be a good friend and send your neighbors items they need to earn coins or green cash. Help and trade with neighbors to fill collection sets that you can trade in for coins or green cash!
JOIN TRADING GROUPS. Trade with others to acquire rare or highly sought after items!
VIBRANT PLAYER COMMUNITY. There are so many wonderful Facebook groups dedicated to Pet City 2! Share your pet’s best moments with your friends in these groups where you can have fun gifting, socializing, trading and entering contests.

Why is Pet City 2 so addictive?

Thousands of items to collect
Vivid graphics and animations
Weekly updates with beautifully designed furniture and fashionable clothes
Advanced decorating tools
A great variety of looks to create the cutest pets
Entertaining social interactions
Lots of ways to make new friends
Animal lovers will love that their pet seems to have a life and personality all its own

Join Pet City 2 today!

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Pet City 2 user reviews :

I have been playing Pet Society and Petville and when those games closed down I started playing Pet City. Because of some changes in the way the game was designed Pet City 1 gave way to Pet City 2 and now there’s Pet City 2 for mobile users. I adore this game! I’m hoping they’ll still bring back some things that were in the original Pet City game, but I love playing – it’s relaxing and fun and the only real limit is your imagination.

Been playing on fb since pet city was created, then when everything changed I lost everything after spending hundreds of dollars I can assure you I was not happy. I did not know of the transfer of items from pc1 to pc2 was happening. Beyond disappointed in that instance. Still a fun game to play though. That’s only reason for the 3 stars.

Nice. It would be more fun if we had more games to play rather than having only bingo, as well as if we could earn green cash more easily (most items in shops need green cash and it is very tiring if we can only get 3 cash per day). Also it would be nice if we could interact with other pets.
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  • Hi, thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions! We appreciate it. Go ahead and tap on the “Contact Developer” button at the bottom of your News Feed to talk to us directly, we’ll be happy to further discuss this!

As someone that had played PC1 on FB, it translated rather nicely over to the mobile front. I’m not too keen on the “more neighbors = bigger bonuses” mechanic as I’m not too keen on being pushed into adding folks I personally don’t know too well for a lot of reasons. Maybe having the option to not be in the pool would be nice like I recall seeing on PC1 would ease that anxiety.

I really enjoy this game. I started with Pet City 1 when it was just beginning. Then, I transferred to Pet City 2 when it had to change the playing platform. Val and the Devs work so hard to give their players a good experience and are quick to answer requests for help.

I love it. It just like how I use to play pet city in facebook when I was a kid. It’s so nostalgic. I used to save up my lunch money at school just to play this at a computer shop back then. I’m glad that I ran into this app.

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