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[Game] IdleOn – Idle Game MMO

IdleOn  Guilds are out now! Create guilds with friends and other players, with up to 170 members!

IdleOn is 100% Ad-Free! No purchase needed! :D

In this idle game, you get build your own guild of unique characters and play as each one in a huge multiplayer pixel world! Cast spells on bosses, talk with other players, complete quests, and level up skills!
While you’re offline, all your characters continue where you left them, gathering resources, crafting items, and defeating bosses! Whether you want to actively grind mobs for exp and loot, or close the game for idle gains, IdleOn’s got ya covered! With the most content you’ll see in any idle games, you’ll be playing this one for months!

At first, you create a main character and start fighting monsters. However, unlike other idle games, you then create MORE characters, who all work AFK at the same time!
Every character you make can be specialized the way you want, and every character is 100% idle, just like all good idle games! With exciting MMO features to master, this Idle MMORPG is a breath of fresh air, considering all the garbage pay to win games that have infested the mobile space over the last few years — something I as a solo dev am trying to fight against! :D
Imagine 20 specialized characters, all with unique abilities, talents, tasks, quest chains… all working idle all day long! And unlike other idle games that feel flat after just a few weeks, IdleOn MMORPG only gets bigger and bigger, with more content added every few weeks!


11 unique classes to specialize into!
All in pixel 8bit artystyle, each class has its own attack moves and talents to master! Will you max out Idle Gains, or go for Active Bonuses?
12 unique skills and sub-systems!
Unlike most idle games and MMORPG, there are a ton of unique systems! Complete Post Office Orders, collect and upgrade Stamps, deposit Statues, hunt rare monster for special crafting recipes, pray at the Obol Altar, and even compete in minigames! What other idle games even have half as cool of features?
Idle Gains, all the time, unlike most Idle Games!
You know how other idle games cap your AFK time? Well you won’t see that nonsense here!20 hours, 500 hours, 60 trillion year?? Doesn’t matter, your characters have ALL been working the ENTIRE time, and you’ll come back to MASSIVE GAINS!
Fairness, Integrity, and New Updates!
I’m a 23 year old solo dev (I work and sleep in the same room lol) who goes by Lavaflame2, and I’ve been making idle games since 2012! You can trust me because I mean cmon, IdleOn doesn’t even have any ads, what kind of game has no ads other than a trustworthy one!


Train and customize 12+ different characters
Spend points in 300 unique Talent Abilities!
Level up 12 unique Skills — Mining, Smithing, Alchemy, Fishing, Woodcutting and more!
Talk to 50+ NPC’s, all with hand-drawn pixel art animations
Witness the mental decline of the developer who made this game all by themself! They’ve gone so insane that they speak of themself in the 3rd person!
Complete 200+ unique quests, some are super cool but some are just generic MMORPG type quests lol
Craft 120+ unique Equipment, like Helmets, Rings, uh, weapons… you know, all the normal stuff in MMORPG
Talk with other REAL people! Kind of like how I’m talking to you right now, except you’ll get to talk back!
Get HYPED for new content coming in the future by joining my discord at:
Yo man, life is too short to be reading entire Mobile Game descriptions. You got this far, so you either REALLY need to go download the game, or you just scrolled to the bottom out of curiosity to see whats here. If so, there’s nothing here except a smiley face with a nose

IdleOn user reviews :

Personally, I believe this game is fun and addicting; it’s features are expansive and well fleshed out for early access, it’s in general a very good game, and I hope to see it progress and further it’s development. For a game with so much, you’d have to spend real money, right..? No. Lava has done a great job at making grinds minimal, so you don’t need to spend real money. Bravo, Lava.
  • LavaFlame2
  • As Lava, I’m personally very happy to read comments like yours void! I’ve got plenty more in store for you and everyone else playing, and will be continuing with my tradition of payment not being necessary to progress (by being lazy and putting in the gem-shop items at the very end after I’ve already balanced the update haha)
Love the game so much, the different mechanics, chance drop aren’t just easy, afk grinding, multiple characters to be made and many more. This kind experience is almost on par with pokemon games in “my” opinion. I put this in one of my top 10 fav games. Hoping for more updates, and I wanna see this game evolve. Thank you so much for this experience.
  • LavaFlame2
  • Will be making the game for at least another 1-2 more years, many more updates to come :D Happy to hear you’re havin’ a good ol’ time so far josh!

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