Interstellar Pilot – Pilot different ships from small shuttles to huge capital ships

[Game] Interstellar Pilot

Interstellar Pilot   Large scale free-playing mode (paid) –

Earn your fortune in a persistent universe with hundreds of roaming ships.
Pilot different ships from small shuttles to huge capital ships
Detailed spaceships and environment
Accurate damage model
Tutorial system
Cinematic visuals
High quality 3D audio

Recommended Hardware
800mhz Processor
Adreno 200 GPU or equivalent
800×480 screen resolution

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Interstellar Pilot user reviews :

Great game, has a lot of potential. Sadly the developers abandoned the game years ago and have not made any updates to it. You could add muliplayer options to the game and add more things to spend the game currency on, so we don’t get bored. Could be one of the most popular games ever made as it has so so so much potential!!!

Really deep for a free mobile game! One of very few that encouraged me to drop a little cash on it…. And it being single player, cant really call it pay to win. Id give 5/5, except im forced to do lots of google searches due to lower in-game explaination than what i’d like to see. Still more than enough is explained to give it a solid try, so if looking online for detailed answers doesnt bother you… What are you waiting for?

Been playing on and off for years; and it still beats any mobile space game on the market to this day. The gameplay and AIs are a dream team. Not to mention running your own space excavation and security crews. If you like interactive space games, this is it!

i love the app, its an amazing space trader game featuring trade and action. i bought all the expansions and love it! though there are a few things i would like to see added. can there be a way fir the human player to gain allies? you can always buy mercenaries but id prefer a trade ally of some sort. Another add i would like is to be able to add my own bounties. the AI adds bountiss to me all the time, so why can’t i add some to them. lastly, can you make generators a little cheaper?

so ive played this game for awhile and found that if there was a player to player interaction. it would have much more potential for being a real space exploration game. yes it would need an interent connection but players would be able to communicate and form what is called a buddy system for growth and defense progression. this game has always interested me in real time space exploration. i would even pay to have that update applied to this game.

this game is spectacular. but the developer and the creators dont communicate with community at all. we are forgotten. thet dont care about this game it seems like. i have reached out to them on numerous occasions and they still dont respond. if you guys need money. its not hard. make new things. people will buy them. your guys game is that amazing. juat dont over due it on the prices. (doubt they will even read this)

The game istelf isnt bad. The controlling system and weapon system are all fun and a little challenging to use. The biggest flaw that i personally have with the game is the lack of direction. The only thing that is explained in the tutorials is how to move and fire and countermeasure, stuff like that. there are no objectives nor guidelines once in a game as to what to do, and where to go (unless thers are, then i would gladly increase my rating). Other than that, this game has serious potential.

This is the best mobile game i’ve ever played. Keep up the good work! Pls keep it alive and updated. I never want it to go away. :DD If you know the game Freelancer, (made by microsoft, and anvil studios, 2003) it is like a simpler mobile version of that game. So great. :D Nice graphics and more. 10 out of 10.

Its a great game. One of my favorite space games of all time. My only question is, when is the next update? According to the forums, you are working on respawning stations and stuff like that. I hope its at least still in development. I understand its a one-man developer, so no rush. I just hope its not dead.

Surprisingly good! Really engaging & loving the weight of the capship battles. Also appreciate the lack of 3D, which would have made it completely impossible to control. Top work guys, look forward to more – more ships / weapons, maybe?

Great app A lot of fun to mess around in, but I want to know if Universe mode will ever be free, if so, I will give it a full 5/5, that’s the only thing I would like to change, everything else is awesome! Keep up the great work, dev(s)

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