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Is it Love  Feel your emotions. Your choices, your love story, your otome: passion, romance, adventure, and more!

Explore and play love stories, let your emotions lead you wherever you want. Discover an interactive world of seduction and roleplay, and experience all the twists and thrills that will keep you hooked. Find all the stories you know and love in one unique game, regularly updated with new chapters: all the Is it Love? interactive storylines can now be found in Is it Love? Stories. With immersive and interconnected universes, as well as rich and dynamic content full of romance, the stories of Matt, Drogo, Ryan, Gabriel and many more are waiting for you to start and play new episode!

Is it Love? Stories is a romantic game: an exciting collection of interactive chapters, that will allow you to dive into your loved relationship and feel epic moments. Live out your fantasy and fall in love with a charming surfer, a werewolf looking for romance, a mysterious multimillionaire… Or decide whether you want to date an angel or a demon. No matter your choices, Is it Love? Stories will let you live all your romance fantasies in an epic journey – there is always a love story that is suited to your emotions and your mood. Come on in – it’s the place to feel.

5 best reasons to download Is it Love? Stories and live out your fantasy journey:
Relationship and true emotions: go on romantic journey with the character of your choice
It’s your game: your choices, your interactive love story, your fantasy
On-demand experience: every two weeks, new chapters are released, in addition a wealth of bonus content – extra love stories, short stories and more!
Visual novel: our app is a romantic roleplay game where your choices matter, with a well-developed fantasy love story
Immersive universe: whether your romance brings you closer to a businessman, a bad boy, or even a vampire, you can lose yourself in a new universe for each episode!

An otome is a visual novel type of roleplay game in which you embody a character who lives an interactive love story in fascinating universes. You are about to explore a true romance episode with more twists than you can count! Love, seduction, betrayal, or even marriage… Download this game if you love the emotions brought out by chapters, want to experience a fantasy romance in an immersive universe, or are always looking for a new interactive story with a werewolf, a millionaire, a pop star, and more! Your choices will impact the chapters you live with more than two possible endings. You decide what kind of episode you want to experience, play taboo moments with Matt, Viktor or James or play sick moments that you won’t forget!

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About us:
1492 Studio is a video game studio based in France. It was co-founded in 2014 by Claire and Thibaud Zamora, two entrepreneurs with over 20 years’ experience in the freemium game industry. Acquired by Ubisoft in 2018, the studio continues to create interactive stories in the form of visual novels (episode) and to continually enrich the content of the “Is It Love?” series. With more than 60M downloads to date and all our universes and characters now in one and only application “Is It Love? Stories”, 1492 studio offers players the chance to travel to new dimensions, in worlds full of intrigues, suspense and romance 2.0. The studio continues to operate its live games by creating further content and animating a strong community of fans while working on other projects to come in a near future.

Is it Love user reviews :

Only reason I am giving it four stars is for one reason. I went to go hit continue on matt’s story and the screen turned causing me to hit reset and instead of asking me if I’m sure I want to restart it restarted the whole damn chapter and I was so far into it? Now I have to play for days on end again until I get back to where I was. You guys really should put a feature on where it asks if your sure you want to reset. Either that or maybe make it to where if you’ve already read it you can skip.

I am sad to say that I will be deleting the app. The story is fairly good but the energy system is just too ridiculous. 100 energy didn’t even get me through a conversation. Even with the maximum (approximately 900) free energy, if you watch adds every 5 hours, it will take too long to accumulate enough energy to finish even just the first chapter. I could see 900 energy getting 1 chapter and then having pictures and bonus material costing an additional 100 each.
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  • Hello. We’re sorry to hear that your game experience hasn’t been enjoyable lately. We’ve shared your message with our team. Hope that we can implement the changes that would change your mind.

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