Love 365 – Find the perfect ikemen for you

[Game] Love 365 – Find Your Story

Love 365  Love 365 is your portal to otome romance!

300 gorgeous men are vying for your heart!
Which of them will sweep you off your feet? The choice is yours!
Have a new guy for every day of the week, or stick to just one man!
Find the perfect ikemen for you!

Over 5,000 episodes, stories, and situations!
Experience heart-melting first kisses,
passionate nights, or even explosive adventure!
Your life is about to get a whole lot more exciting!

Your Romance, Your Way!

About the Monthly Access Pass
Subscription period: A full month after payment is made.
Stories available for Pass Holders: Any three stories from the app.
Monthly cost of subscription: $8.99 USD
*Subscriptions will automatically renew (and charge your account) every month until membership is cancelled on the App Store.

・Our privacy policy:

Recommended Devices Android 4.4~
Not compatible with: Android 2.0~, 3.0~, 4.0~4.3

Compatibility with tablet and certain devices not guaranteed.
May not play on certain devices that meet OS version requirements.

Love 365 user reviews :

Amazing game! I love the variety of stories that are available (I did have some of them before Love 365 was created too, so I knew what to expect). But the stories that were added on, like Masquerade Kiss are brilliant! I love the characters, the settings and the personal stories assigned to the guys I choose. Her Love in the Force & Masquerade Kiss are definitely my favourite games! I recommend you get this app.

The stories, soundtrack, characters and art is good but to actually READ the stories is the hardest part. Most stories cost 100coins per episode or 400coins for the whole story and they barely give you any coins to begin with. They do offer free stories which is a plus but besides that it’s hard to read anything without using money. A decent option would be to offer tapjoy rewards but you guys don’t. So the game is basically “free” but pay to play

I’m addicted To Soryu, Hideki and Shuichi, Honestly. I’ve tried Reading other Characters but I can’t get attached the same way. That’s not a bad thing by the way! I think my only Complaints are that It’s only a One Hour Reading Coupon, There’s not enough Shuichi stories, There’s the odd spelling Mistake, There’s no options for Nonbinary or male mcs and Occasionally the stories are Expensive But Other than That, It’s Amazing.

I had the game as a stand alone app which I say was better cause seems like the quality of the stories of new ones have no music or sound affects with less cg. But still the same price.

I like all the stories and etc. But i would like if the coins you earn are more like 10coins for daily, i feel like if you really wanna read it you have to spend real money which i don’t have a problem with. But i would actually like if they do that so it’s a win-win if you’re both broke and rich.

I love this game I really like playing otome games so seeing one that has a bunch packed in is really nice and saves space it is kinda hard getting coins or diamonds but you get free stories which is good overall great game and adore the characters

I havent finished but im absolutely loving this so far. And you don’t have to make a million in app purchases like other games. It’s great. Quickly became my new favorite.

Woah definitely the best apps ever! especially for those who really like to imagine to create a story in our mind with fictional character sometimes, well like this apps. I really like iittt!!

I absolutely adored these games when they were seperate but them being all together is also really nice plus I feel like it’s easier to use and more space saving.

I love this game its super fun and the story lines are really interesting and ive never had any issues with the game and i think it was worth installing the app

I enjoyed this so much, the stories are amazing even down to the art and animation! 5 stars for me

I’ve loved these games since I was a young girl, I used to have all the apps, although after they stopped working I never got my money back, I still love them a lot.

Overall,a very interesting app. Every story has its own charisma and the characters are very cool and well-developed.(I like Kazuomi Shido and Takamasha Saeki the most). Thanks to all the creator and developer of the app. Hoping more good contents ahead.

I love this game, one of the reasons being, that despite the fact that it isn’t free all you need to do is pay for the story and then you have it, unlike other otome games where you pay quite a lot through out the story. The stories are cute and the characters are amazing. Im mainly obsessed with Thief x, 10 days with my devil and class trip crush. I’ve been playing these games for a few years now, and they never fail to cheer me up! And best bit? No ads!

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