LoveUnholyc – A race born between a human and a devil

[Game] LoveUnholyc – Real Time Dating Dark Fantasy Romance

LoveUnholyc  You’re an ‘Unholyc’, a race born between a human and a devil. As befitting of a descendent of the mighty devil himself, you are equipped with the power to charm and seduce others to do your bidding.

However, in order to become a fully-fledged Unholyc, you were seeking partners for your coming-of-age ceremony when you accidently managed to form a contract with not one but three handsome humans….

Dive into an interactive story as you develop complex relationships with all your charming partners and unlock more characters as you progress through the story. You will be able to interact with everyone through real time phone calls and video chats.

ALL of your actions will have consequences. Some will lead to a higher affinity with the characters that may result in a happy ending. Others will lead you astray and may result in a strange yet interesting outcome. We’ve also added some sexy and dark endings to make the story more unique and colorful. So, fellow Unholycs, make each choice count!

LoveUnholyc user reviews :

I have been playing for more than a week now and I love this game. Although there are a lot of spelling errors but I’m okay with it. I like how i can get asmo tears without spending real money but you really gotta invest your time. 5 stars! I can’t wait to play the other individual routes.

I think the game is really really good, the one problem I have is that, not all the time would I get a notfication for when a new chatroom would pop up. It worries me a bit when I don’t get a notfication for that, and sometimes I have to check into the app to see if I missed any chatrooms. I don’t know if it’s an issue with the app or my phone. But other than that, I really love the art style, I do wish that there was an opertunity to date or go on the side characters route(s).

Great Otome! I recommend it for mature audiences. This game is really fun. You will have to use a guide for the chat logs though to know when to play. This game is also free to play friendly. To get acme, in game currency, it’s really easy. Just watch ads for 100 every 30 minutes and the gacha can give you some as well. The boys are very attractive with different personalities.

Take my love! I honestly never played otome game quite like this one, I have played mystic messenger, however, it has hard to make up chat rooms in Mystic Messenger unlike this game. You can gain tickets quickly and even finish the game in under 3-4 days depending on your luck. The characters are amazing and loved all of them, especially Sol and Babe.

The game is really well made. U can spend money if u want to finish it faster but u don’t have to , which I think is very rare to find in this kind of games , all u need is patience and u can finish the whole game without spending money on it , the game give u every 30 minutes ads u can watch from William to get free acme, also a daily summon to get time tickets and acme which u can exchange for tickets aswell. Love the game, the characters and story.

I really love this game. Having it be in real time really gives you something to look forward to. There are some translation and grammatical errors, but they still get the point across. The developers have been very generous with in-game items. It really makes me feel appreciated and want to support them even more. All the characters are lovable and I can’t wait for the main routes to be released. Thanks so much for making such a fun game and for appreciating the people that play it.

it has been so long finding this kind of game as for me, i appreciate a lot to the dev who makes it f2p friendly game by adding feature to get 100 acmes for free every 30 mins. I don’t see any problem with it since I always get on time to enter the chats lmao. I hope people could find this game and be popular cus it deserves so much attention with cute characters and great storyline within, people would absolutely go for it! The fact that I really love the story line, I’m on my day 4th

This game is so interesting and fun, i really like the story, and having fun chatting, but its a bit difficult to understand this game, first the notification is not working, i keep checking the setting but there no problem with the notification setting. Two, i keep getting a comical or bad ending on day 4, i never past to day 5, and i think im getting bored already it been 3 time already im stucking on day 4, and its a bit hard to earn tiket, i already wasted all of mine. So it only 3 star.

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