Merge Tactics – Create Your Own Battle Decks and Strategies

[Game] Merge Tactics – Kingdom Defense

Merge Tactics  Merge Tactics is a unique defense game filled with elements of growth, strategy, and challenge.

It lets you place blocks wherever you want, based on whatever fighting strategy you use.

Game Features

Create Your Own Battle Decks and Strategies
You need different decks and strategies to effectively deal with the various invaders that attack your forces.
Every time you clear a wave, you’ll get to expand your territory on the battlefield and employ even more diverse defense strategies.
Merge Blocks into More Powerful Units
In this game, one can be stronger than two—even three! Merge your blocks on the battlefield whenever you can to create formidable troops.
Collect Blocks of Various Kinds
Collect blocks of different types—Melee, Ranged, Support, etc.—to create unique decks and try out various fighting styles.
Grow Your Castle and Characters with Gold and Artifacts from Battles
Grow your castle and characters to unlock new skills and get special loot rewards.

Experience this brand new defense game, Merge Tactics!

Note: Merge Tactics is free to play, but you can buy certain items with cash to enhance your experience.
If you don’t want to use the In-app Purchase feature, you can always disable it on your device’s Settings menu.

Merge Tactics user reviews :

Quirky game that, turns out, I really like. I don’t know. I guess it didn’t look very appealing, at first… It’s actually rather addictive. Requires good strategy to stop the onslaught of enemy barreling down on you, and the ability to change it on the fly. Play is technically turn based, but not slow paced, as you might think it would be. F2p is totally possible, but I personally won’t have an issue spending a few dollars on a game that absolutely deserves it, like this one. Thanks, devs!

5 star review to 1. Why would you reset everyones progress?! I was so close to a 10/10 on all previous levels. Playing this is now boring, even the challenges which went from 10/10 to now starting at 10/50 on painfully easy rounds to get back up. And what is worse is I can’t just use multiple challenge tokens to increase the level. Even if I use five tokens I only get a level upgrade of one. Given the massive update and the type of changes being made you are being just like every other app
  • LoadComplete
  • Hello, this is LoadComplete. The previous progression towards stages has reset due to the system redesign. However, you will be able to claim all the new rewards as you play out the new stages. We ask for your kind understanding, thank you!

I loved this game. The most recent update was a huge slap in the face changing the stages from 10 to 50 just so that your progress would be slowed down. And to top it off they make this big update which I was excited for realizing it was purely based on making them more money. They added the whole typical “clash royale season pass” Which is just absolutely absurd. This was a solid 5 star game before the update now it’s being deleted.

The latest update finally got me to post a review. This is a really great game. What makes it great is the quality of the build. The option to watch ads for in game rewards should be the staple for all games in future. It’s balanced. Looks good. Lots of things to learn and it’s really fun. Overall one of the better games I’ve played on Android and definitely one of the best games in terms of effort put in by developers. Only negative is a few typos. But assuming English is not native language

This is by far my most playing hours game ive ever downloaded. The gameplay is fun and intense, you’ll not get bored when looking for a short time waiting in line / bus stop. New update is a huge change since i have to play again from the beginning. But gives me a chance to get more pieces to upgrade. Im only having some issue about getting stars that requires me to spend more silvers to pass a stage, which makes me have to play again (kinda annoying). But neglecting that, it is still worth 5*.

Enjoyed the game until the recent update. Why force legacy, experienced players to go through tutorials and levels we’ve already been through? It’s boring to go back to levels we’ve already defeated and can still defeat with literally no effort. Please let us get back to advanced levels.
  • LoadComplete
  • Hello, this is LoadComplete. The previous progression towards stages has reset due to the system redesign. However, you will be able to claim all the new rewards as you play out the new stages. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your kind understanding, thank you!

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