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My Coffee Shop  Everyone needs a coffee break! Run the best coffee shop in the world by serving your clients with delicious meals and beverages.

But you have to be fast, otherwise people might be angry… Manage your time wisely and give your clients a great time!

In your coffee shop you will serve hot chocolates, milkshakes, green tea and, obviously, great coffee! Prepare delicious toasts with jam, cheese, bacon, and some other great side dishes! However, you have to pay attention in your cooking: food can quickly burn, and no one likes that…

Customize your shop and upgrade it! Your clients will be more and more satisfied once new equipments are unlocked and new decoration arrives! Manage an amazing shop and earn money by serving everyone in time!


45 fun-packed and challenging levels
Make toasts, pancakes, cupcakes, croissants and serve them with jam, bacon, salad, eggs and cheese.
Serve your clients with hot chocolate, green tea, milkshake and the best coffee in town.
Decorate your shop and create a comfy environment for the perfect coffee break.
Upgrade your shop and serve even better through dozens of levels.

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

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My Coffee Shop user reviews :

this is the best game ever! It takes a minute to load, but besides that, its my favorite game. challenging, yet fun. if your looking for an exhilarating, simple (yet intresting!) free game, then this is perfect. – grace

The game is very good but one problem that the levels are too low

Very good game,designed good,but don’t like thee opening of agree to terms,big deploy.p.b. but great otherwise.

I have no complain against this game,but it would have been more fun if this game had more levels.

Awesome, like the pace. The dining room upgrades are great touch.

am liking this game very much. the levels are great so far. I only just started playing this game and am enjoying the gameplay. I will recommend this game to my friends as they like playing coffee and food games.

this game is so good but there are not a lot of levels which is the reason why a lot of player don’t play this when the start to enjoy the game then they see there are not that much levels so upgrade levels and make game like this.

I love this game! Challenging. Hope you add more levels. I’ve done this game in 2 days. Highly recommended!

I enjoyed playing this game. It’s actually good since everytime you leveled up there’s an additional 50 energies, so players like me doesn’t need to wait. The graphics are nice because it’s appealing to us and also the controls are perfectly working. However, after you finished level 45, the game’s already done and we don’t know what to do with the game anymore. I suggest that you put more levels so the players can enjoy it more. Thanks.

Really fun game! I was surprised as it looked a bit basic, but the challenge seems spot on so far. Upgrades are achievable but you have to work for them. Levels up quickly with rewards. I will be playing all the taps cooking games now. Chef rescue is also excellent. Keep up the good work, Tapps.

Works great . many levels. average ads between screens . enjoyable .It took about two days to finish it . The only thing i don’t like is you have to place the plates exactly in front of the people . especially the milk shake,s or they bounce back to the counter, and it screws you up

This game is fun to play. That is my 3 stars. It loses 2 stars because you lose lives quickly whether you win or lose, also purchasing equipment costs coins and diamonds if you want to use them immediately. These things make the game tedious. And kind of ridiculous.

it’s a good game however I think it’s a little ridiculous to upgrade an item but have to wait, it’s not upgraded immediately

i always dont get energy’s when its over and also no free ads to claim it even when there is internet. there is so less levels . only 45. u should give us more levels. and u people (-(Taaps)-the game makers do not respond to our reviews/questions. and so i am uninstalling it as i have completed all the levels with 3 stars.

I love this game. Definitely worth my time. The only issue was their level. Its not that much. Hopefully you can add additional levels and more places to play with

Graphics are wierd lol Could you guys make some more effort for the customers faces? I know you guys spend a lot of effort Making games and all that but please, I am a player and as a player it is my duty to tell you guys how you could improve the game so…

I love this game very much.its fabulous and very interesting. I can’t stop playing but very short game. Need to include more levels. Please make more games. I am fan of tab games.

It was really a nice and cute game, it may look like a basic game but it was really challenging ,although I wish that you can add more levels .This game is really good ,I suggest you download it guys

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