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[Game] My Mystic Dragons – Romance you choose

My Mystic Dragons  Your life is turned upside-down by the arrival of three hot, mysterious young Dragons! What will be your final answer to their proposals?


A barista and aspiring writer, you lead a simple, quiet life with your kind grandfather as your only real family. The only unusual thing about you is the strange dragon-shaped birthmark you’ve always had on your back.

One night, your life is turned upside-down by the arrival of three hot, mysterious young men with special powers – and they all want your hand in marriage!

It turns out that they are dragon princes and you are actually the princess of a long line of powerful dragon slayers!

You’re even more shocked to discover that only by marrying you, can peace between dragons and humans be maintained. But you’re not ready to say “I do” just yet…or are you?

Surrounded by these mystical strangers who don’t always understand the ways of the human world, you try your best to help, sometimes with hilarious results!

But what happens when you start getting to know the dragon princes and falling for each other? Will pressures and fierce rivalries get in the way or will you have your magical love story to remember?


“I will fight to make you mine.”
A fire dragon prince who loves fine jewels as much as a good brawl, Phoenix’s bold, competitive nature makes him determined to win you over as his bride. But is there a softer side to the fire prince that yearns for true love?

“You give me the courage to open my heart to love.”
Shy, sweet Prince Dylan of the water kingdom is clueless about the human world, especially love and romance! But he takes his duties as a prince seriously and wants to prove himself to you, no matter what it takes. Will you be the one who shows him how to love and be loved?

“I want to write my life story together with you.”
You know him as a hot, popular, up-and-coming fellow writer, but in truth, Rai is secretly prince of the thunder kingdom! He acts like he doesn’t care about marrying to secure peace between dragons and humans, yet, he seems to take a particular interest in you…

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My Mystic Dragons user reviews :

I think this is my new favorite beating out Soul of Youkai. The ending was fantastic. The whole story was well done, the character designs were great, the personalities were also very good.

A casual game that’s entertaining for one playthrough. Each boy is fleshed out pretty well, although the fact that they’re dragons doesn’t really do anything since the game takes place in the normal human world and we don’t get to see much of this other dragon realm. The way the story came to the end was sudden, underwhelming and kinda robbed the MC. Still cute endings however. Premium scenes were kinda casual, nothing really intimate or spicy. It’s a sweet, casual story.

FREAKING AWASOME!!!!! I totally say download now!!! Don’t think just press download!!!. The thing I want you to remove are the rubbies and premium choices. That’s it. Genius Inc I LOVE U I am pretty much downloading all ya stories. I’ve alr download so much! I am ya Number One Fan!!!

Same problem everything is perfect but the fact that u can’t earn enough gems for every choice it just take sooo long playing the mini game that’s 100% luck !! We would appreciate some kind of puzzle mini game instead . Thank you

I really enjoyed this one. Just wish the stories were longer and that you could progress with the “steamier” choices without having to spend actual money

So I’m a little confused if you choose nobody no body is going to show up if you choose someone is the ending but then Rosemary has the mark but then why do we still end up with one of them? I’m a little confused about the app its good just alittle confuseing.

i love the story but i hate the ending and it is very short i really don’t like the ending that they promised to go back but they didn’t and then when her birthmark disappeared and appear on rose mary’s back it made broke my heart i really want the dragon princess back with her I’m very dissatisfied at the ending of the story it’s so disappointing

Well the story was good but I think it’s kinda too short- But uh anyways the “no one ending” kinda break my heart ngl-like why aren’t they returning to us?they told us to come back for us but then why never coming back?do they forget about us now??and the “no one” ending gave rosemary the dragon birthmark-does that mean the dragon prince are going to marry rosemary when she’s growing up?I have so many questions for that ending.ouh and ye I’m married to Dylan ehe (sorry for the bad English)

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