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Netmonitor  Monitor CDMA / GSM / WCDMA / LTE / TD-SCDMA / 5G NR networks: current and neighboring cell infos, signal strength.

Multi SIM support (when possible). Use GPS/geolocation. Generate database with custom info on cells. Export log to file CLF/KML. Map shows cell location. List WiFi access points.

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Netmonitor user reviews :

Netmonitor is such an awesome tool! I really like the in depth cell signal and frequency information that it collects and displays for you on screen I’m such a neat organization template, I love how field reference it’s app layout is! Alot like Acrylic for the Windows system. Neat.

Seems to be a great application so far, I can see me going ahead and paying for the subscription.. Its my belief that talent should be compensated… I really like the layout , color scheme, symbolism,easy to read info and simple input button selections….Only reason i cant give it a 5 so far is because im not a “Field Tester” nor do I have a T-Shirt that says “Netmon”… Love the Monitor room feel, thx for taking time to develop this mobile application!… Jimmy Lang.

Don’t install this Netmonitor app by parizene! It forces you into a 3-day trial when you first run it, without an advance warning or notice, and then charges you $7.99 per year. Also, the “Privacy & Terms” link is in very small type and difficult to select without selecting something else. I believe it is a scam. I am uninstalling it. I believe there are too many scam apps in the Google Play Store and Google does not do an adequate and responsible job to monitor it.

Great app, does what it says, free version not bombarded with ads. Happy days!

In initial phase it works properly…good…but…sometimes…add..will…really……and disrupted….the apppp….

Not good. The app is forcing to get trial. Very strange CellId for UMTS BS. That makes the app useless.

It’s better if u add the counter widget on lockscreen then minus adds it’ll b 5 stars

clean, very data driven, good price

Good cell monitoring app. Usefull.

Map is messing only shows digits

Open Street map can’t be dragged abnormally

This is for a 3-day trial and in order to receive the trial, you must approve billing and purchase of the app beforehand. Why not disclose this in the app details???

Has cool features. Supplies very detailed and maybe useless data about the tower your cellular is subscribed to. It also scans for wifi networks continuously. It does however, seem to use a fair amount of data. Mostly wifi on my phone but stil see no reason for it to be using as much as it has. For that fact alone I will be deleting the app. For the devs I would have to suggest a more modern UI and to reduce data consumption. Or, if there is a valid reason for the data use explain that.

Overall, seems like it’s a well done app. When responsive, it’s pretty quick about it, doesn’t make me wait. The 2 problems I’m noticing are: 1. The map seems to stop responding after adjusting certain settings, requiring a force-stop & clearing of cache before resuming normal functionality. 2. The tower place holders on the map have the tower graphic on top of the box of numbers, which is on top of the point at which the actual tower is supposed to be. Thus, when zooming in/out, it appears that the tower MOVES! –To fix this, dev should center the tower graphic and number box, as one, on the point where the tower should be. As it is, it’s acting like point graphics in Google Maps do. The other thing dev could do is just switch the tower graphic and number box so the box acts like a top label & the base of the tower graphic rests on the actual tower’s map point. Hope this helps! App definitely seems a worthy development. Keep up the good work!

Netmonitor is one of the most excellent app. I was using Net monster but is much better than net monster and easy to use, it has much more features compared with other apps and what I like the cell locator details of network, data, dbm and it also has the feature to change the mode of network and you can update and refresh it. Developer has done wonderful job, really i was searching for this app. But after installing Netmonitor i compared the two and found Netmonitor much better.

Great app for seeing local cell sites & your device connection info., live connections on your device & cell towers near you. Provides the necessary data on each (co-ordinates, signal strength, carriers). Nice. Easy to use & on the eye.

Best signal app I have found that handles dual SIM well. But the latest update seems to have messed up CA info on the 2nd sim . 5 stars after dual SIM issue now fixed. Best app to see signal and CA on both Sims at once. Great for testing multiple carriers at once.

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