Pasha Fencer – Take up the sword and fight

[Game] Pasha Fencer

Pasha Fencer  A magical world of sword and magic, hurry up and adventure with your brothers, fight side by side to defeat the evil boss and the enemy.Take up the sword and fight!

Exclusive benefits for New players
Special for you! New Players can choose new exclusive fashions when they register; Plus exclusive pre-register fashion, people in the rivers and lakes, Mafia Style fashion; and other exclusive gifts.

Simple vertical operation
Breaking the traditional two-handed limitation, the first vertical RPG, original vertical screen operation UI, so that you can enjoy the game with just one hand. Play anytime, anywhere.

Cross-server battlefield
Breakthrough server restrictions, enjoy PK with all players; Fight with your brothers, defeat all enemies. Have fun, have victory.

Leagues and Close Friends
Diverse League daily gameplay, rich League rewards, create legends; close friends gameplay, real social, real friend; Leave an unforgettable friendship in the game!

Gorgeous Fashion
Different styles of exquisite fashions, cool and domineering mounts, cute pets, gorgeous wings, powerful and sharp weapons, match them with a unique outfit! Show your style!

Super Visual Enjoyment
Super picture quality, comprehensive upgrades, super-real 3D effects and exquisite details, super cool skills and special effects, give you gorgeous visual enjoyment

High off-Line income
Intelligent AI free for all, ultra-high offline income, easy to upgrade and get equipment. Easy retrieval of equipment and experience of daily tasks. You will never fall behind.

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Pasha Fencer user reviews :

Good game overall, a little bit of pay to win aspects, but not too bad.

Great graphics and gameplay, unfortunately it is very unstable (average time of disconnect today has been about 6 minutes), really takes away any enjoyment. As is typical with this companies games it is geared towards 10-15 whales on a server that run everything, including “parking” themselves by bosses which automatically pk’s anyone else trying to kill one. This could easily be fixed with a 10-15 pk cool down timer (except in events) but it will never happen; can’t irritate those 10-15.
  • 4399en game
  • Merhaba yorumlarınız için teşekkür ederiz ve lütfen bizi desteklemeye devam edin. Pasha Fencer’ da bir çok ilginç oynanış sizi bekliyor. Bir deneyin! Sizi hayal kırıklığına uğratmayacak. FB sayfamıza daha fazla ziyaret etmenizi öneririz: İyi günler!

For those that say this is a diffrent game have no played many games made by this company . After downloading the game to computer and opening the files and uploading the files so i could read the code properly they didnt do much diffrent then the other style game with all same features and all. Plus looking at their code its easily moddable so i wouldnt be surpised if most players are cheating .

Only issue I have with this game is not that it’s not in English but that the translation is very poor. Most people who play this game are Turkish and don’t speak English. All the chat logs, are Turkish, there is translation but it’s not translated well. Private chat is in Turkish BUT there is no translation available for it at all. I’ve been trying to use my own translation app but I guess Turkish is hard to translate in general. I realize this is a new game and I have faith.  5stars

The game is very good, but my account has been reset. Please solve this problem and let me go back to the game.

20 severs for launch?? This is just a money pit. Servers will die fast and they’ll probably merge them after money events to get the most out of players. I havent played the game yet, but judging from the pictures, its just a rehash of other games I’ve played.
  • 4399en game
  • Merhaba, öneriniz için teşekkür ederiz ve ekibimiz bunu dikkate alacaktır. Aslında, sunucuyu sık sık açmak, eski oyuncular ve yeni gelenler arasındaki boşluğu kısaltmayı amaçlamaktadır.yeni gelenlerin yolculuğuna başlamak için yeni sunuculara ihtiyacı var. eski oyuncularla tamamlamak onlar için adil değil. Umarım anlayabilirsin. İyi günler
Honestly disappointed in this. Its just another auto play game and you only get to click a few things. If i wanted to just watch something id go to Netflix. And theres only 2 classes. Warrior and mage and they are gender locked. Like people wanna have a female warrior too.
  • 4399en game
  • Merhaba, otomatik dövüş modunda oyuncuların ellerini serbest bırakabilir ve bu durum oyuncuyu rahatlatır, değil mi? Ayrıca, karakteri manuel olarak da kontrol edebilirsiniz! Hala birçok ilginç oynanış var. Lütfen daha fazla deneyin. İyi bir fikriniz varsa, lütfen FB aracılığıyla bizimle iletişime geçin:

This game is so lit but I have to go back to it right now. I love this game. Thank you Can

Good start so far. I like the grinding

Last Update :

1. Kurban Bayramı Celebration is coming!
2. Brand new function for Personal BOSS, Forbidden Realm, and Ancient God Realm.
3. Add a cross-server time calendar.
4. New comrades-in-arms convening event, opened at level 420 and above, and both recalled comrades can get massive rewards.
5. Added the description of the game world view.
6. Brand-new materials is available in the store.

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