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Photo Stamp Camera  Photo stamp Camera can add time stamp,location stamp and signature stamp on photo while capturing.

Stamp your existing photo and every photo captured with this app.

Add current time,location and signature while capturing images, you can change time format or select the location around easily.

you can drag and drop your stamp position.
Support change font, font color, font size
Support auto add location address and GPS
Support 800+ font style
Add your logo as signature on photo
Add Stamp on existing photo
Set camera resolution from all supported Aspect ratio and Resolution

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Photo Stamp Camera user reviews :

Really a good app. Thanks to the developer of this app because it is really a good one which i was searching from many days.

Love this app, especially date/time stamp.

Great app but think it should be able to have dark theme and need some way to notify user that picture has been taken when using samsung tablet stylus such as loud click. Needs to be able to shoot video and landscaped panoramic. Also needs to store pictures on sd card.

New update sucks, it took away the ability to delete multiple photos at once in the app. Also the shutter sound is gone when you take a picture. Please fix!

App does everything I expected from it, and appears to do it well and easily. Date/time stamping on existing images in my Gallery even works just fine. If exif information is correct, stamping will be correct. If Gallery photo has been edited already, stamping follows edited data.Has many different time/font formats (very nice!). While being used on Samsung S9, when switching to front camera, the “flash” selector goes away, totally gone. When fixed, I will give highest rating.

Was ok, but often the date and location stamps are superimposed on top of each other, and I don’t discover that until I’ve taken a bunch of photos. Another feature lacking is the ability to focus by pressing your finger on the part of screen you want to focus in on. But what now makes me want to uninstall the app (and replace with Timestamp) is the new intrusiveness of ads; Sometimes I press the shutter to take a photo, and an ad pops up! I can’t take a photo until I get rid of it!
  • Map05
  • Thanks for your feedback. If Manual position is selected for some stamp and if position is selected from option for other stamp then it may overlaps stamp position. I will reduce ads in next version.

Nice camera apps, but it would be better if the position of the text is determined by default such as left, center, right, up or down. So the user does not need to adjusting the position of the text manually. Also, please add Indonesian date and time format: dd MMM yyyy (24 hours). Thank you very much.

Good app. But if you are looking to stamp photos “after the fact”, be aware that the new file that is created does not retain the original time of creation of the photo. If you took an photo Sept 6th then use this app on Sept 7th to put a “Sept 6” stamp on the photo, the metadata of the new file will show the date and time it was created (ie Sept 7)

I looked for an app to stamp date on my photos and tried a few but wasn’t happy with them until I found this which I have been quite happy with. The only fault I’ve found in it is so far that the stamp position on the photo changes its place now and then to be in the middle of the picture! Why?!

Date and time stamp are nice. Photos have lower resolution than when I use the regular camera on the phone which is usually ok. What I found annoying is the new type of game adverts on this app that take complete control of your phone. You cannot escape the adverts. The best you can do is restart your phone.

Samsung S10 used. App is good. But unfortunately there is no option to do batch dating on previously taken pictures in a folder. E.g. Say u want to do a whole holiday folder; you can’t! Each individual photo has to be stamped separately which can take forever. Especially if you’ve got 3 million photos to stamp up!!!!..

I love having the date entered on each picture. It helps with scrapbooking later. Thanks

Having a really hard time typing on photos automatically like I did before the update. I now have to go into my gallery and edit that way. 3 more clicks.

So happy to have an app that works so well. I’ve tried and bought many, but this one is uncomplicated and efficient. Many thanks to the developers.

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