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[Game] Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing  There’s a thin line between fast and first…

Join America’s most exclusive road racing event, and take on the world’s elite drivers in high-octane, wheel-to-wheel action!

With realistic driving physics, speedfreak add-ons and turbos, epic overtakes and stunning West Coast locations, RebelRacing brings a breath of fresh air to the mobile racing category.

Collect, customize and upgrade a fleet of real-world classics and awesome supercars, then powerslide your way to the top of the RebelRacing tournament!

Own supercars and custom classics
Create fully customized dream cars
Take on the world’s best drivers, head to head
Market-leading graphics and FX
Race real-world licensed cars
Experience epic moments

Escape the Drag!

Rebel Racing user reviews :

Cool game. Simply race, race & race more. Upgrade your car & race more. And repeat. Gameplay is straightforward. Not much thinking to do. Put all your thinking to racing. Ofcourse at 1 point I know, you have to make those purchases with real cash which I’m not a big fan of but let’s see how far I go without having to do all that. But then based on the experiences so far, this game might just be worth it if I start paying for it. Let’s see.

Hi, I thank Hatch Game for this game which has great graphics. But this game has a few small drawbacks that you can fix in new updates. First, most cars are in the “Car important” section and can not be played with. Second, the money to buy cars is very expensive and The rewards of the tournament are low. Third, Its fuel tank is very low. Correct these if possible, then it will be a great game.

Just started playing, reminds me of what I liked about CSR 2, but this is better. Quick loading times, pretty authentic looking cars, and the hardest thing to get used to is the left/right touch pad steering. I look forward to racing this game a lot. Only 4 stars because I rarely give 5 stars. This one comes close though. High fives to the devs.
  • Hutch Games
  • Hello :) thank you for your review. We’re happy to hear you’re enjoying Rebel Racing! I’ll pass on your feedback to the team. In relation to the controls, have you attempted tilt controls? Providing you have gyro functionality on your phone this can be changed via the settings menu :) – LA

I’ve been playing this for a week and it’s been my main game so far. The gameplay is very entertaining for an arcade racer. I’m not expecting a Forza experience from a mobile – but the graphics are beautiful, the animation remains smooth during the races, and the audio is great (I did turn off music after day 3) I would like Hatch to tweak the economics in the game: trying to upgrade to a higher-tier car would take months – when you only earn 800 per race to get 65000. Thank you!

Graphics 5/5, Controls & Gameplay 3/5. The graphics is stunning. But the gameplay is boring. Literally racing for about 20 seconds. The fuel system is annoying. The tracks needs to be extended. The controls is way too simple. Just press left and right for steering. Add the brake & accelerate button instead of auto-accelerate. Other than that, it’s an okay game. But seriously, this game needs some massive improvement on it’s gameplay…
  • Hutch Games
  • Hi there, thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback. The races do vary and get a bit longer as you progress, but they are designed to be short races. We’ll pass all of your comments onto the dev team though, and we hope we can impress you more in the future!
Granted, this is day one of the release for this game . It has potential.. I don’t like not having control over the throttle and brake. There should be more options for the steering and controls in general. The races are super short, ( I will admit I’ve only completed the first segment that goes past the tutorial. ) You should have an option to skip the tutorial. If one would like to get straight to racing. I’ll stick around… And will gladly change my review to a higher star after next update
  • Hutch Games
  • Hi Mason, thanks for taking the time to give us feedback. We really appreciate it! As you’ve guessed, the races do get a bit longer as you progress in the game, but they are still short races in general. Interesting that you feel you want more controls – keen to hear if you still feel that way once you’ve played a bit more. Hope you stick with us!

honestly, there’s no real issues with this game. It just feels incredibly generic. The gas and stamina system isn’t very much fun, and halts gameplay immediately. I don’t really feel any excitement when playing this game, it’s lacking that wow factor that keeps me coming back. I’ll give it a little more time, but for now I don’t see myself playing it very much.

Okay so… Controls are great, especially for a mobile device but I would prefer tilt if that would be possible. There are ironically not enough “options” in the options menu and there is little actual content with most races being short Sprint races as far as I’ve played. Try including circuit races, cop chaces and maybe even a derby or two. Another thing that would suit this game well is a multiplayer system where people could race in real time. Overall great game with great potential. GG

Game is really simple. A bit to simple. Graphics are really good, the gameplay is fun but a bit too simple. And the worst thing is customization. 90% of colors and decals you can only get from events. I would understand some special colors from events but a simple mat black or just normal yellow? That’s ridiculous. Pleas let people just buy colors and decals and leave just the special ones for events and I’ll change the rating.

Last Update :

Off-Road Season 2

Clubs Season 5 brings you more mud mayhem and legendary Off-Road juggernauts as you slip and slide your way to victory!

New Vehicles:
Land Rover Ranger Rover SVAutobiography

New paint customizations available to win for the Chevrolet Silverado and the Ford F150

Contact developer :


Video :

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