Small War – Defend your base from enemy raids

[Game] Small War – turn-based 4X

Small WarSmall War : A new mobile look at 4X strategies

In this game, we tried to rethink the classic 4x mechanics to the size of a handheld game. The game has become fast, but smart, dynamic, but deep, simple, but at the same time challenging. Experts in the turn-based strategy genre will not see revelation here, but at least a few hours of exciting tactical battles are provided for you.

Various tactics and strategies
6 unique races, 30 units and 5 game modes. The game, simple at first glance, is quite exciting entertainment, full of challenges.

Dynamic gameplay
The average length of the party – from two to five minutes. The sides take turns as in chess, which excludes long pauses between moves.

Simple but rich mechanics
Despite the casual basis, the game has a capture of cities, units upgrade, tactical battles, collecting bonuses, various types of landscapes, perks and other fascinating mechanics inherent in more complex games.

Game Modes

This mode can be compared with a very fast and fun chess game.
The player and AI are given several warriors. Their task is to destroy the opponent’s forces, taking advantage of the advantages of the selected races, bonuses and cells of the territories.

Oil Capture
There are oil wells on the map, control of which gives to player resources to maintain the army.

Defend your base from enemy raids.

Capture Cities
New units are created from the population of captured cities. The goal is to grow your population to the target values.

Scientific discoveries
Units modification and received resource type depend on scientific discoveries.


Earth fighters. They have average combat characteristics, but their military bases are able to fire the enemy remotely.

Alien invaders. They have genetically modified soldiers and flying ships, and their military bases are able to move around the battlefield.

Revived mechanisms. They are capable of treating wounded allies, which allows robots to significantly increase their survival rate.

The awakened ancient inhabitants of the planet are giant dragons and spiders. They do not have the ability to attack remotely, but they are extremely powerful in close combat, and their bases have the support of Earth forces, which allows them to heal wounded allies at a distance.

A variety of living dead. They are distinguished by the fact that their rivals themselves become zombies after death.

Rebel Space Marines. Steep and uncompromising fighters. Able to repel remote attacks. Scary strong.

Who is this game for?

If you are bored with monotonous clickers, Match-3, farms or endless MMO clones, try SmallWar. Mechanics, on the one hand, do not carry anything new, but their combination makes the gameplay extremely unusual. We hope you enjoy it.

So, ready to fight?

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Small War user reviews :

Fantastic game! It reminds me of the quality games from back in the early 2000s. The gameplay is easy and fun, but still challenging enough so as not to be make you bored. I really liked all the different civs that you need to battle and need to battle as, each one has it’s own perks and they seem to even each other out well enough. Offline all the way, there are no ads and the few times they ask you to buy the game is not annoying. One of the beat games I have recently played on mobile.
  • Grumpy Games
  • Thank you for your interesting and detailed review! We are very glad that you liked the game so much)
I rounded up. Some of the scenarios seemed impossible, but they are partially random so it cuts both ways. Id like to see them expand the battlfield. ..keep i the saMe scale but allow the viewing window to scroll. Never used the enhancement much. in general a pleasant, reliable game. The ads were more interesting than others ive seen- higher caliber and not annoying.
  • Grumpy Games
  • Thank you for the feedback!
Simple yet the tactical principle is great 2d game. There is always a room for improvements. Kodus to the developers who created this game. Hoping you can create different versions like japan china or europe medieval games. Impressive if you can create a small sid mieyers civ alike version of this game… you are halfway there!!!
  • Grumpy Games
  • Thanks for the feedback! I work on online-version now. In the future I plan to add some new races to the game. If money allows, then maybe I’ll try to make different settings.
Very addictive. This is just so good. One of those games you lay down in the evening to relax and after four hours you realize – wow, it was so cool. Nothing lasts forever, but those 5-6 hours game has to offer are awesome. To devs – thanks! To users – try it !
  • Grumpy Games
  • Thanks!

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