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SpellbindersSpellbinders : For eons, the Titans have fought for fame, glory, and bragging rights in an eternal struggle.

As a S pellbinder, YOU control the battlefield. Choose a Titan, command an army of fearless minions and dust off your favorite spell book. Awaken powerful Ancient units from their slumber to tip the scales of war. Devise the perfect strategy and lay siege to your opponent’s base. The lines are drawn, the cannons are loaded and the battle has begun. Lead your Titan to victory – by any spells necessary!

MOBA made for mobile: Short and intense strategy bursts in real-time
Battle with an ever-expanding roster of mighty Titans
Command an army of minions and game-changing sorcery
Dive into deceptively deep gameplay that rewards practice and tactical skill
Climb the ranks in the weekly leagues and take home the grand trophy

By Kiloo and Funday Factory

An internet connection is required to play.

Spellbinders user reviews :

Pros: game is a decent tug of war tactical strategy with nice gfx and animations. Cons: it has no content. No campaign mode, no events, no minigames. Nothing. Just a combat mechanic and a pvp league. And the pvp is full of bots because no one plays this lazy game. The game is dead. Good night. Hey Mr Developer, stop being lazy and make games with actual CONTENT!

I believe developers have gave up on their game. What a shame, the game has not been working for a while, frozen screen after start, cant press play or anything. What a waste for a cool game.

I love the graphics and gameplay it’s just that I read one of the comments saying that players have been playing against bots instead of other players. Can you guys change that. Also for some reason, the game won’t let me play anymore, like I’m just waiting, stuck on a screen saying athenticating. What does that even mean.

After completing the tutorial, I played between 20-30 games, never coming close to losing even once. It was clear I was just playing against bots, and bad ones at that. I would understand waiting in queue times, and I might even understand using LABELED bots, but I think it’s unacceptable to intentionally deceive players by giving them flags and fake names.

would’ve been amazing, if it had anyone playing it, or at least if bots put up a serious fight

Fun game but not very competitive and quite tedious. 1 out of about every 100 battles I might actually have a real opponent. The rest is all done by AI… only without the “I” if you catch my drift. Ads pop up after almost every battle. Sound cuts off if I get any kind of notification and sometimes after watching an ad as well. Could use a bit of TLC from dev team, but from what I’ve seen in other reviews, that’s probably not going to be happening any time soon.

This game is truely epic. But there are very less titans to play. So please add more titans, skins, new game modes, leagues and rewards.

I really think this is a great game concept. Wish it would have caught on with more players.

still really enjoy this game, but I’ve noticed that it is WAY to sensitive to poor connection. I’ve gotten disconnected with 3 bars of internet. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED. A game isn’t good if you can’t play it. Fix it, and my review is back to 5 stars

Little to no campaign…runes take forever to accumulate, it seems it take 150 repetitive battles to unlock a single character. I want to love it because it has amazing graphics and slightly unique gameplay…however the battles are boring. I’d love to unlock Mortis(she is simply the best looking titan) and her day of the dead la muerte outfit….but that would be a total of 3150 runes…with an equal number of battles required…no thanks!

It’s great but always tells me to quit because of my connection but wifi is good fix it please I love the game that you

Really addicting game This is one of my favorite ganes but i have a problem bc it keeps crashing on me everytime i finish a campaign map

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