Stick With It – Stick your way up

[Game] Stick With It

Stick With It  Tap to jump, stick to stuff. Simple, right?

You control a squishy blob that can stick to almost anything. Time the moving arrow and tap to jump. Stick your way up terrain, metal beam things, pipes, moving platforms, spinning platforms, and more. wow

Be careful, however, as one wrong jump could land you back at the very beginning.

The game features two difficulty modes: hard and impossible. Hard mode features checkpoints and an undo move button. Impossible mode has no checkpoints and a faster arrow. But like I’m serious when I say impossible because I doubt anyone will ever complete the game in impossible mode.

Keep your cool, improve your jumping skills, and stick with it to the very end.

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Stick With It user reviews :

This game is funny but it need a flag checkpoint.If you die you need to respawn to the start and its hard to restart and go where you was

It’s a very very very hard game on its own that it makes me feel angry. The thing that makes me feel angry is the red arrow. And I watched the video of how you made it. But I rated it 5/5 because of the amazing skins. Plus I get frustrated with playing this game

THIS IS A REALLY GOOD GAME Me and my baby sister like it My baby sister likes impossible mode because is has a smile face and when she taps on the blob it’s dancing she named it Mr blob and I really like this game too its like it’s a raindrop is has really good graphics so great game!!!

I found 2 small bugs. The first one is that the undo move button won’t load for as mutch as 5 seconds. The second one, this only happend 2-3 times to me. After I click the undo move, watch the video, and get back to the game, I’m on the spikes. And I’m dead. It doesn’t mater what I did, how far I got, I have to restart the game. But still, good game! (Eatch time I type in game I axedently type gamr bc my Grammer sucks lol)

This is an amazing game but I was playing on easy mode and on stage 7 there is a moving platform that goes really fast. The problem is when I jumped on it my character would not stick, it would just fly off and I would die. Can you fix that please, thank you.

I love this game it,is so good,but a bit too hard. I know it is supposed to be hard but it is too hard even normal is kinda hard, I mean allot hard but you do not need to fix anything. It is one of the best game’s I had, I really love it. it is very good. If you do not have stick with it you should download the game. Very good love it soo much. Thank you for making this game.i like the way the person looks and that the person sticks to it

RAGEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Ok for real though awsome game pesides The RAGE it’s actully real fun but I found 1 glitch when ever I touch spikes it stretches me and i think it’s impossible to win with the square blob but we’ll done awsome game!!!!

I’ve enjoyed this game but I would like a Practice mode that teleports you back to the location you were just at instead without ads. Also there should be a multiplayer option or a mechanic where you can creat maps for other people to play.

I beat normal with only 2 undone moves total, both in checkpoint 8, and my goal is to get to checkpoint 5 in hard. I’m at checkpoint 4 right now. You have done a great job with this game, and checkpoint 6 made me rage!Lol The game is fun and I recommend trying it! P. S Earlier if you look in my edit history, I did say I found a bug, to be specific about it, it was because I pressed the checkpoint button on the top right corner alot, here’s a solution press the back arrow, than back to checkpoint

I love this game because it’s hard and learning the controls are fun try the game and see for yourself but I also found a little bug if you get hit with something you fall

I am currently watching a video on YouTube on my laptop who is the same Dev who made this game. I think that this is probably as hard as it looks. Will let some people checking out the 5 star rates for bugs.

It’s a really fun rage game. I think it would be a lot better if the developer made a custom map mode or an easy mode that just got rid of some of the spikes. That would make it a lot more fun.

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