Styledoll – Create your very own style

[Game] Styledoll – 3D Avatar maker

Styledoll  You can now customize Audition avatars in any style you wish!

Look #StyleDoll makeover more cute and lovely
Beautiful and awesomely fabulous! Imagine and create your very own style!
Your Styledoll will dress up and strike various poses! Dress up and save your character in many unique poses!

Customize face, hair, shirts, pants, dresses, accessories,
background, stickers, and mix & match with over 2,000 dress up items.


1. Use thousands of costumes, backgrounds, and dialogue bubbles to create your unique 3D Avatar.
2. Pose multiple Avatar together and create various imaginary situations!
(Some scenes you can create are going out for a drive, traveling, lovers walking hand-in-hand, and many other romantic moments!)
3. Turn your 3D Avatar left and right to view from various angles!
4. Save your dressed up Avatar to look at it again at any time!
5. Share your beautiful and cool Avatar with your friends!
6. Create your character out of fashion items and Make your emoji!
7. Make your own character you imagine for free

catoonify my girl chacter?
My special and cute profile emoji?
Future me becomes a college student?
fashionista in virtual social media?,
BFF shots?, My dolls wedding dress?
My favorite anime gacha character?
Trendy fashion designer?
EveryThing! Enjoy your role playing!

Game data saved in your device will also be deleted when you delete the game.
In-app purchase items are saved and restored when you reinstall the game. (If you cannot see purchased item after making the payment, reinstalling the game will resolve the problem.)
But Consumable items are not restored

Permission guide for game play (for using App need to Access Permission as below)
Necessary Access Permission
Permission of photo, media, file of device : permission need to for saving or sharing game data.

Way to withdraw Access Permission
Over Android 6.0 version
Option > Application manager > Choose App > Permission > Agree or withdraw Access Permission.
Under Android 6.0 version
Need to upgrade OS and then able to withdraw Access Permission or need to delete App.

54-7 3,4fl, Mabang-ro 10-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Styledoll user reviews :

Good game I guess I was just watching an ad and it was still loading please fix that bug so I can give it a five star’s. And the loading screen took awhile that is why I was mad. And there is good outfit’s too. So a four star rating.

I am starting to hate this game. I don’t see no show boots for the male avatar, but only one that has snow boots is the female avatar. Plus, I think the clothes kind of suck. Don’t get me wrong, this game is fantastic and you did a very good job making the game. I just wish it has more options and much longer hairstyles and some more jeans and boots. Just to make you happy I gave the game 4 stars.

Best game ever ! I reay love this game very very much . I play many game but you are the first I really Like it . I paly soo many time . You did the great great job! I soo happy Playing this game. The chapters are really beautiful and soo cute. The dresses too . Hairstyle…. eyes …. poses is really pretty . So I give 5 stars for making you happy the way you making me happy! I hope you happy . Stay health and Bye

I really love this game and how cute the outfits are but i do have like 2 request. 1. Be able to change the skin color of a doll. Im a weeb and im not really japaneese im actually african american and i would really apriciate it if you could change the skin color of a doll. 2. Make the hair move when you spin the dolls around. I really love all the hair styles but i would like it if the hair wasnt so stiff. You dont have to do this it is only a request.

Wow this is the best dress up game ever.The hair’s are the best hair ever,the outfits Are wooow,The hat are so cool ,my Favorite Part of Styledoll is the hair’s and the outfits.If u don’t know if u want to get the game,make that I don’t know into a YES.Its not laggy at all.Pls Download.I also comment on other dress up game like gatcha life high school dress try and look for my comments bye

It’s the BEST game I’ve ever played in my life!! The outfits are amazing, the hairstyles are so cool, and you can make so many characters!!!

Best game ever is really fun, and it’s very interesting. I love it so much, you should download it, promise me, but if you don’t play it for a while, your screen might turn black and in my state like that.not giving it a 5 star but this game is still fun, download it and try it out, trust me, you won’t regret it

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