Summoners Era – Leading the world to its peace

[Game] Summoners Era – Idle War of Heroes – AFK & Collect

Summoners Era  5 Premium summon scrolls + 200 gems are waiting for you.

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From an apprentice to the one who can save the world – join millions of Summoners around the world and begin your own journey as the Messenger of Goddess, leading the world to its peace.


Leave your heroes AFK training on their own arena while you’re not around. They will be more powerful when you comeback. You can also get lots of goods for your team reaching to the top.

With 6 factions, more than 150 heroes and specific skills each, there are countless of strategies for you to maximize your imagination. Train and AFK your squad to become more powerful, outfit your warriors with magical gears, and lead them to victory!

From Dungeons to Towers, AFK from Arena to Raid, there will be tons of amazing features that are waiting for you to enjoy exploring!

Assemble with your friends and players everywhere to conquer the world and defeat the Dark Force. Take down guild bosses for enormous rewards.

Show everyone your best AFK squad by defeating all others players in the Arena. Time for some serious AFK strategy calculation to reach the top!

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Summoners Era user reviews :

Not a p2w game to be honest. You can use every star hero so you can literally progress even though you are not spending. Another thing is the odds of getting a 5star hero is pretty high compared to other idle games so if you are lucky you can progress faster. There is no problem when it comes to art, it is so good that’s why I can recommend this game.
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For me, this game is one of the best game I’ve ever played… The developers are not greedy and very generous with their players… Though there are still few bugs but I know the developers are doing their best to make this game better… I can understand that people gave this game 1-2-3 stars review specially when you only play this game for like one-two weeks… I’m already VIP2 road to VIP3 player without spending real money on this game. I highly recommend this game it’s really worth it.

Been playing for few months. I would say it’s a decent game but slow pace game. U need at least 1 month or so to start actually enjoying it. The dev is generous wif resources I collect over 20k of gem many times without spending(which is a lot). I can see the dev is adding more content n started to create more character recently but still slow pace. However I enjoy it because u hav time to know the character more n build them slowly (some game just spam new op character every two weeks).

Reasonable idle game. Seems fairly free to play with enough items given away to make it playable. I don’t normally like idle games as I like to actually play the game. Most idle games I eventually quit after awhile and I don’t think this will be any different but for what it is, it seems good enough. Has relaxing music.

Great idle game, great graphic, and fair mechanic for F2P player. The only thing that needed for this game is the hero diassemble system that will bring back the sacrificed heroes in 1 or 3 purple star. Because if we build bad heroes to 4 purple star, we cant do anything to fix, cant undo the build or sacrificing it.

Great game overall for its kind, doesn’t force you to pay to advance unless you are impatient and want the easy way to the top, the hero leveling and evolution are interesting and you need to investin them. What I don’t like is the home screen sensitivity, you scroll from one side to the other and if your finger stops over a building you enter it, in one word annoying, and the arena match up is an unfair bad mess. You encounter players with at least one and a half your might, you can’t win. Fix.
  • Fansipan Limited
  • Dear Chrisdark, we are sorry for this inconvenience, we will keep improving and rebalance the game more in future updates!

One day in, and I am pleased with a number of things. There is a reasonable drop rate for 5 star heroes, low level heroes are useable for promotion (down to one star), and there are no level caps on advancement. The graphics and effects are significantly better than other idle games in this genre, and it feels like four star heroes are actually worth promoting. Advancement is straight forward, and it doesn’t seem to be a money grab (yet). Seems like a great summoner game.

This game is not something original but it’s an amazing and fresh Idle Heros game. There are so many great things in this game and it’s super! The graphics are great, the art style is unique and beautiful, the animations for the summoners are amazing, the hero’s that you can obtain are all actually thought out and all feel different, the game plays fair (not pay to win) and in all I genuinely love this game. I really hope more people gives this a shot because it’s definitely worth people’s time.

Good fun game. I forsee an empty bank account. The game wasn’t downloading for me for whatever reason. I tried it again. Maybe the servers were down. I was able to play and can already see that I found another addiction to my game play. This is a really well made idle game. It’s like a step up from Idle Heroes. Re game developer I don’t have Facebook to provide you that information are my new Facebook

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