Super One More Jump – Test your concentration and sanity

[Game] Super One More Jump

Super One More Jump  Super One More Jump is a hand-crafted, frantic, one touch arcade platformer.

It’s FREE to download and play!

Simple to learn one button controls. Hard to master levels. Test your muscle memory, concentration and sanity!


150+ Hand-crafted levels
Insanely-hard challenge levels! (no seriously, enter at own risk..)
Daily endless mode : One new level every day!
Circuit mode: How many cycles can you do?
Original music soundtrack by Batterie

Customise your character with easily unlockable themes & avatars from some of our favorite pixel artists:

Toby Dixon(@tbdxn)
Ilija Melentijevic (@iLkKke)
Cocefi (@chickysprout)
Sven ‘ptoing’ Ruthner (@the_ptoing)
Mister Hk (@mr_hk_)
Stephane Boutin (@JGSBoutain)
Helm (@helm_ll)
Anders Gullmarsvik (@itchabop)
Ian Cid (@skydevilpalm)

How to Play:

Tap anywhere on the screen to JUMP
Time your JUMPS between platforms using power ups, patience and skill
First play the levels, then when you are READY take on our daily endless challenges and compete for daily leaderboard glory!
Collect all three level diamonds to show your mastery

What players are saying about SUPER ONE MORE JUMP:

It’s like Geometry Dash on steroids
I don’t always rage quit but when I do it’s because of this game
One More Jump? More like One More Arrrrgghhh!
I couldn’t stop if I wanted to
Jump Onboard, No time to explain!

Last Update June 26, 2018

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User Reviews :

This game is both amazing and terrible. It’s one of the most fun platformers I’ve ever played. The downside? Consistancy issues. I’ve been grinding out Endless, and I swear the green arrow block only high jumps me like a quarter of the time. I wanted to get 600+ for first place but no cigar. Will buy full game if that is fixed. Also, the camera rotation for spin mode should reset every death, I think.

Wow, when ivplayed the first level, i knew this game would be amazing, good graphics. And the characters are animated, really cool. But…. Can you renove the premium stuffs, like make all of them free? Still 5 stars. Im proud of this game

This game is super fun. Super fun. The gameplay is simple to grasp but it can get difficult. The levels are generally really well designed and some are really challenging. The controls are simple yet somewhat forgiving to your timing. I do experience a little bit of lag sometimes which can be frustrating, though that is probably more to do with my phone. For me it is definitely worth the premium price. This game is slick and well designed, and is definitely worth the cost of a beer. My only issue is that the game freezers when playing levels in dark mode, which is a shame, as the levels are replayable enough that I want to go through and do them again with the bonus modes. Once the crashing is fixed I will be updating the review to 5 stars! Phone is an LG G6

I love this game, so much that I paid for the premium version, but I’m experiencing a problem: every time I try to choose a theme (besides the first and the second) the game freezes almost completely, the only thing that works is the music, and it’s still “wrong” because if I exit the game it will continue playing until I close the app, please hear my praying and fix this :( /// edit: thanks for replying! hope to see the game fixed soon!
  • SMG Studio
  • hey Victor. We’ll check this out to get you back to 5 stars

Core gameplay is good. However, the super close in camera just makes me dizzy and hurts my head, you should have a more zoomed out camera option. Also, due to how hard it is to predict jump path curvature (combined with very zoomed in field of vision), collectibles are way too hard to see ahead of time and to collect… collectibles should be bigger (I keep missing them by a pixel). If these were fixed, easily 4 to 5 stars.

Definitely a pay to play app. Deserves five stars, but the free features are so meager that it ropes you into buying the full version. That said, when I bought the full version, it cost less than two dollars, and was well worth the money! This game is simple: tap to jump. However, just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy, I think this game is a perfect challenge, because you can always try again and get even better. Don’t expect an easy game, prepare to be challenged.

Great pixel art, fun and tricky platforming. Great stuff. It is really annoying that lots of people seem to think indie game developers do not deserve to eat, with all of the 1 and 2 star reviewers only problem with the game being having to pay a couple of bucks for this great work. Ignore all of those … please.

Super One More Jump developer :


Video :

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