The Lost Fate of the Oni

[Game] The Lost Fate of the Oni – Otome Romance

The Lost Fate of the OniDangerous oni lurk outside, so you must never leave the mansion.

Raised under the protective wing of your loving father, you’ve always heeded these words and stayed safe inside. Life in the mansion may be comfortable, but you wish that you could experience the outside world just once.

One day, your wish comes true, but with a huge twist. The mansion suddenly comes under attack and you’re abducted by three handsome oni. What they want is the Hallowed Treasure, a legendary gemstone that was lost 20 years ago – yet you’ve never even heard of it.

The Hallowed Treasure is said to grant any wish to the person who possesses it, but just where could it be? Will you also be able to discover the secret behind your existence? Only you hold the key to determine whether this quest ends in hope or despair.


I won’t tolerate any selfish behavior. You’re my property now.
The leader of the oni group that took you from the mansion, Tamaki is a total alpha male who’s not afraid to be bossy… or so you thought. Sometimes he reveals a kinder side, making it difficult to judge his character. While Tamaki may be strict with others, he’s even stricter with himself, honing a work ethic admired by other oni. Despite your circumstances, you’re quickly charmed by his kindness and sense of justice. Can you help him to overcome the darkness within his soul?

This seemingly cold-hearted oni loathes humans, making sure to keep his distance when you first meet.
“Listen well. If you don’t want to die, then don’t come any closer.”
But despite his hostile words, somehow Senri is always just in time to save you from danger. You soon notice that hidden underneath his cold demeanor is the heart of a kind young man. What could have driven him to hate humans so deeply? Can you teach him to open his heart?

Warm and gentle, Hisui is a welcome presence amongst the chaos of your new life. Unlike his companions, he’s always there to greet you with a kind smile, but you occasionally notice a certain sadness in his eyes.
“I love you. So please, as long as I’m here in this world, don’t ever fall in love with anyone.”
His futile request fills you with sorrow. Can you find out the truth behind the troubled past that led him to make such a wish?

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The Lost Fate of the Oni user reviews :

I didn’t finish but I’m already in love with the game. The music, the artstyle, the characters and the story…they’re all really pretty and interesting! I’m really attached to Hisui and I think he’s really sweet and kind, even tho he’s really mysterious…and after Tamaki&Senri are MWAH. I think the only things that I don’t appreciate is the way to get gems, it’s kinda hard to get some and I don’t have money to pay. But after the tickets are really easy to get, just need to wait some hours.

Love the characters… But … I selected all of the coin options and read every character ending. Obviously Tamaki is the true ending so it had a little more sparkle. Even so, after paying for best endings, they were very lacking. Now if they added side stories for each character, like after the season two endings, I would read them and I feel like that would make it better. I’m just a little disappointed that each character ending is one chapter and it’s just kinda expected. Shenri was myfav.

I love this and I’m glad we make choices that grow our relationship with the characters without paying, although the greatest choices are expensive which sucks. I dont like how the Y/N reader is too much of a crybaby and weak but whatever its still so enjoyable! Tysm for this game, im so glad I installed it

The story is amazing but here i am falling for the villain again .. I always found myself attracted to the masked man. I was happy every time he appeared. The mask on his face maded me curious so I’m dying to know how he looks like and the pain he’s hiding inside makes me want to hug him and help him love life again. Please make him and byakuya ( he’s hot lmao) a story for their own. They deserve one and I guarantee that the mystery of the masked man can bring good stuffs uwu!

I like this already but could you add minigames or something like that? It will really helpful and more fun

I really liked the story and the characters. It was hard to put the game down!

I love it very good game but the coins can get annoying sometimes

I like the story and everything! But I’m very upset with the whole premium answer situation, it be much better if there was like mini game/quests/ads etc used to earn the diamonds or the points like the other companies, which will make the game not only more better and preferable, you’d earn earn more money by the ads you can advertise to earn those points. Word of advice, it will make it better.

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