The Wild Darkness – You have been summoned to another world

[Game] The Wild Darkness

The Wild Darkness   Inside a forest on a mysterious world…

A sorcerer is casting a spell in the dark.
Once the ritual was complete, a streak of light fell from the sky.

Then you regain consciousness in the middle of a strange forest.
Where… Am I? Where is this place?!

Game Features

You have been summoned to another world, against your will.
You know nothing, and everything is foreign to you.

You must find food for yourself, and be cautious of monsters that emerge at night.
If you let your guard down, it’ll be the end of you.
If you die, it will be game over, and you must start from the very beginning.

However, with every death comes more knowledge about crafting and totems, which can help you to finish the game.

It requires patience and focus, but you will find joy in your journey.

Now, be brave! Your destiny awaits you!
Challenge yourself, in a brand new game experience in another world!

The Wild Darkness user reviews :

OK, this a one of the few survival games on phone that has me hooked. Its really fun. Great concept but brutally difficult. Resource-wise, I think the game is fine. However, the fact that the damage you do and take is variable leads to some very unlucky situations. It can cause some battles that were supposed to be easy to become threatening because my character had taken much more damage than expected. I feel like lowering the damage range or having fixed damage could make the game more fair.

I rarely write a review for a game, but I really like this game and its concept. I know, it’s hard and frustrating but it’s so FUN. There are some issues, such as mineral resource quite limited, i think it need to be replenished as well. Have a reset skill button should be option so we can change weapon type as flexible as it needs. Is there any upgrading device on equipments? I don’t see it yet, maybe further progress. And lastly, please fix it on why my app keeps updating everyday?

This game is cool, I’ve got addicted playing this game. Honestly speaking, the combat system is not balance. I’d died many times but i can’t even past day 30. Dont know how but most of the times, I always daed on fire, because my character always sleeping on top of campfire, where it is not supposed to be slept on that. Then game over, I’m dead on fire. Please fix that issue..

Firstly I think the game is great. Challenging and full of things to discover. However recently, I have been having issue with the game. While trying to repair the ruins of light, I can’t seem to get past that stage. Even though the item is in my inventory, the repair option doesn’t allow me to proceed. There seem to be some bug. Hope the developers can look into it.

I really like this kind of game. But can somebody please tell me how to repair the ruins of light? I got the light tablet but clicking repair while inspecting the ruin does nothing! Don’t know how to report issues in game. Edit: I managed to get to Strange Forest 2 without repairing the ruins of light. I realized that the buttons looks to be the problem. I cannot start fire in the fire pit and I also cannot smoke the critters out! I hope this will be fixed soon.

The game was nice especially the theme. Control was good. The only thing I’m really pissed is that the item that can be foraged was scarce especially food then the health regeneration was so little. Please adjust the level difficulty. I can’t survive past 15 days. Developer, I really apreciate your game. I hope tgis can help you to improve it. Goodluck.

It is a fun, addictive game! Control is simple, graphic & characters are cute and beautiful ! Only downside is the limited food resources, map resources refresh very slow but you get hungry very fast. Meat drop rate for Rats & Rabits are not 100% , even less than 70%, hard to survive long day when all the food resource finish up. It would be great if have more food resources. My save progress lost after upgrade !

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