TXV Superheat Tuner – What used to take hours now takes you only minutes

[App] TXV Superheat Tuner

TXV Superheat Tuner  Take the guesswork out of your superheat adjustments.

TXV Superheat Tuner, part of the Danfoss CoolApps Toolbox, enables service technicians and HVAC installers to optimize superheat with just one or two adjustments on most thermostatic expansion valves.

What used to take hours now takes you only minutes. Simply enter some basic information about the system you are working on, and the TXV Superheat Tuner app will provide you with valve-specific adjustment recommendations. Using this information, you can optimize a cooling system in less than 15 minutes and boost its energy efficiency. The result: your customer saves money on energy costs and you win repeat business.

TXV Superheat Tuner uses a set of advanced algorithms to make its optimization recommendations. These algorithms, developed and approved by some of the best engineers at Danfoss, take multiple factors into consideration, beyond the basic sensitivity of each valve.

You no longer need to use manuals and pressure-temperature conversion tools to perform trial and error adjustments. TXV Superheat Tuner enables you to make precise adjustments from the start, saving you time and delivering a better result.

For app support, please use the in-app feedback function found in the app settings or send an email to coolapp@danfoss.com

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TXV Superheat Tuner user reviews :

Great app, but leaves me with questions. What is “Appl/Room temp”? is that the actual thermostat set point? Vague error messages left me with trail/error when values “out of range”. Room temp=82F R22 Evap=75psig(44F) Evap Temp=56F “SH is out of expected range. Unexpected SH error..”) what was wrong? Lowering Appl/Room temp to 65*F, then I didn’t see error. (Does App want “Room temp” to be discharge/vent temp?) App “locks” parameters after entry. Why ? it’s tedious to redo all.
  • Danfoss A/S
  • Hi Chris. Thanks for the feedback. The “application room temperature” should be measured from the medium inlet temperature to the evaporator. Does this make sense? I will have our engineers look into your specific issue. Do you have a mail I can contact you on?
since last update app locks up on launch. I had been using older versions with success. uninstalled until bug is fixed.
  • Danfoss A/S
  • We have released a update to the app that should solve the issue. I’d invite you to update the app and try it out. Again I apologize for the inconvenience. Please let me know if you still experience issues.
I think the build of have no expiriance abaut txv cause freon type and chaging level is not edited in app but it better
  • Danfoss A/S
  • Hi Nkanyiso, could you please provide more details about what you feel is missing from the app. We of course are open for suggestions for improvement. You can feel free to write an email to coolapp[at]danfoss.com with more details so we can talk about it in more depth.
not work on my galaxy j7 prime and oppo f7
  • Danfoss A/S
  • We have released a update to the app that should solve the issue. I’d invite you to update the app and try it out. Again I apologize for the inconvenience. Please let me know if you still experience issues.
Nice app! What is the application / room temperature means?
  • Danfoss A/S
  • Hello Thushara, Thanks for using our app and for reaching out to us. Regarding the application/room temperature, it refers to the temperature of the environment that your system will be running in. I hope that this answered your question, otherwise please get back to us.
Good apk thank you danfoss
  • Danfoss A/S
  • Hello M.T.N, Thank you very much for the kind words, we are happy to see that you like the app. Should you have any suggestions for how we might improve, please feel free to share it with us here or by mail to coolapp[at]danfoss.com. We strive to improve the app every day and your feedback is very valuable to us.

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