Unblock Red Wood – Get the red wood block out of the board

[Game] Unblock Red Wood

Unblock Red Wood  Unblock Red Wood is a simple sliding block puzzle game.

Perfectly solve stages without using hints and get 3 stars and a super crown!

The goal of game is to get the red wood block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of its way.
We will provide a lot of levels to the players.

Enjoy puzzles and keep your mind sharp!
Some stage are particularly difficult, We want players to think more.
If there is a difficult level, you can use the prompt clearance.

This game is only for 13+ years old people.

Unblock Red Wood can help you train your brain and keep you mentally fit everyday.
play by yourself or challenge your friends to compare your moves.


Horizontal blocks can be moved from side to side
Vertical blocks can be moved up and down
Move the red block to the exit.

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Unblock Red Wood user reviews :

Good God, give us the option of buying this game to stop the ads! I’m getting one literally every 5-10 seconds as I quickly complete each level. I’m not sticking around for long if this isn’t sorted out. Very poor UX!

The only reason i came to review this is because the review button telling me “god,we beg a review for you” The game is great, havent seen one so good in a long time. The difficulty rises up gradualy and the ads dont appear very often. Best thing about it is that you can play it offline. I made some great memories with my friends trying to solve the puzzles together lol!

The puzzles are enjoyable and low-frills. However, the complexity seems fairly random, and the biggest issue is that the ads after every level take longer to wait to skip than I spend completing most levels. I don’t really want to have a game experience that is mostly watching ads.

The game is good except for the blocks bouncing back when you move them causing you to spend more lives removing the blocks where you need them to be. My view hasn’t changed. I still experience the block moving back on their own costing me a perfect score.

It’s a good game. Adds aren’t too bad but frequent. Doesn’t take too long to “x” them. Did notice some freezing adds

Very entertaining and head scratching and when you press to see the solution why didn’t I see that a great puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours I dare you to try it you cant leave it alone I’m 88 years old and I love it len williams

I really liked this puzzle. I’m really good at it. But how can I enjoy it with ads getting in the way. I turn off the wifi and even turn on airplane mode but I still get stupid ads. Not worth my time if I keep getting ads.

5 stars for the game but way way too many ads. Good game but too many ads.

I absolutely love it first ten or so boards were pretty easy wasn’t sure at first if I liked it I continued to play an I gotta tell ya some of them are rather challenging ,..love it gets ya thinking for sure !!!

Nice graphics on the blocks. I enjoy the how the puzzles’ difficulty increases. I couldn’t find a way to turn the sounds off in all settings so I had to turn down my tablet which was a pain for other notifications (I had to manually exit and check email, etc.). All in all I like it!

Cute little game. Really makes you think. Hints will solve the puzzle for you but you still get 3 stars and you win. Each paxkage gets harder and I mean FAST! I quit after I think 35 games of novice…lol, then after that there are like double + blocks to move. Too hard for me, lol. For those of you who like a challenge, go for it!! NOt a bad game at all. However, I am uninstalling. Need more space on my device. Txs DEVS for letting me try.

Great!! Lovely in many ways. I love it. The ads are not bad, this game keeps my mind working.

really like it so far. sounds like real wood! Super smooth sliding action,rich colors, and lots of short adds. You can get out of adds really fast though. Relaxing and entertaining. Would recommend. Haven’t. had to use 1 hint so far. Must be smart!

Played this before and it kept my brain working and out of the way when not working when ur retired and sick of watching tv nothing on worth watching have to prerecord to watch later just to fast forward the commercials and now it happening with all the games I play started about four months ago ? All they want is ur money if u buy the games no commercial interference but when ur on a fixed income u cant just do that so anyway good game

My experience is wonderful I feel as if I truly find ways out . Its just like taking your very first breath. I relaxing relief you couldnt imagine. Its helping me through……I just wish I knew if I truly understand why I get it every time and so quickly . I dont get the less moves makes you smarter I believe more that its just about knowing how to get out . Why must life be so hard no matter which century we have lived . If you can dream it you truly must believe you can live it.

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