3K Ultimate Awaken – Strategic battle planning and real-time

[Game] 3K Ultimate Awaken

3K Ultimate Awaken  Explore a unique story as you navigate between the 3 mega-corporations and their struggle for dominance.

Collect over 50+ heroes with varying but balanced skills, and master launching both their special and awaken abilities in real-time battles. Increase your firm’s own fame by climbing the multiple PVP ladders

Explore: Unique story which blends East and West elements
Master: Strategic battle planning and real-time tactics action
Collect: Heroes and gods with vary but balanced skills
Climb: PVP ranks with insight into the evolving meta

We offer a wide array of ways for users to enjoy our gaming that includes: engaging hero storylines, competitive PVP bracket system,, and rewarding daily tasks. We even include a monthly hero subscription which provides user with a new epic hero each month and daily in-game currency at a discounted rate.

Feedback or Problems? Please let us know by email at support[at]100sjump.co

3K Ultimate Awaken user reviews :

Just uninstalled and reinstalled, but Something is wrong with your game. Install, but will not play. Goes through the loading screen then kicks out of the game. After reloading 5 times or so it will go to the start screen where you can log in as guest, or hit the Google sign in and after making a selection it kick me out of the game again. It’s a Samsung S22 (new phone). So the issue has to be in the game. I hope this helps, I would like to try your work.
  • 100s Jump LLC
  • Can you share more detail on what you are experiencing to this email address: support[at]100sjump.co, much appreciate any help, we tried but don’t see any issues with your device

So far this game looks amazing and it looks like that this game has a great potential and I think I have some advice that might be able to help this game : 1. Improve some animation, ex : animation when summon and animation in entities like idle, etc. 2. Gave element of suprise to give this game own characteristics. Optional : 1. Rather than make the entities a semi size why not make it like normal size entities. (normal head and normal body) (optional) But so far I think this game is great

For the 15 mins that I could play it seems like a good game with good art work. Im giving it a 1 star because it became unplayable and kept crashing after the log in screen even if I close the app and restart my phone.

This game has so much potential. Great art and battle mechanics. Everything g else needs a work over to be more appealing to players. I wasn’t even fi isjed the first chapter and I had to recharge energy. Not a good start, and you can do better co side ring the effort put in already.
  • 100s Jump LLC
  • No worries, thanks for trying
This game is cool the concept of the heroes are unique but graphics and animations neer some work it has that kind of bland and not smooth vibe just polish it up and this game might be one of my favorites keep up the good work devs im counting on making the game way more entertaining
  • 100s Jump LLC
  • Thank you for the nice words, we are always looking to polish the game more

Can’t even open the game. It force closes every time. I’m on a Samsung Galaxy S21 and I’m pretty sure it’s not my phone.

nice and clean graphics. good characters design with a relatable story. overall, a good game to play around
  • 100s Jump LLC
  • Thank you so much for the kind words
Incredibly detailed, visually stunning, totally captivating.
  • 100s Jump LLC
  • Thank you so much for the nice words
This game isn’t bad at all. I love that they don’t shove ads in your face, or push for you to spend, but the game freezes up on me every couple stages. That alone makes it frustrating enough to not want to play. If the game was stable I could see myself playing pretty actively.
  • 100s Jump LLC
  • Thank you for pointing this out, we identified the issue and are actively working on a solution. We hope to have an update out in the next two weeks that should address your issue. After this next update if you are still experiencing this issue can you reach out to us at support[at]100sjump.co and we can also send you an in-game gift for your troubles
the art style is really good, the story is interesting and the combat mechanics is just fine. not sure why there are 1 star reviews but then again it’s whatever. in my opinion I think this is a good game though I do think there is more that this can do so it’s not going to get my fifth star just yet.
  • 100s Jump LLC
  • Hello Cameron, thank you for liking our story and art style. We spent almost a year just on the story. As we expand our story more heroes will be revealed. We will keep polishing the combat mechanics and if you have any suggestions feel free to let us know by joining our Discord channel “3K Ultimate Awaken”. Have a nice day!
Beautiful game. Stunning artwork and really cool and imaginative world. I think its kind of low-key based on Chinese history, hence the “3K”, or 3 kingdoms. I really fell into the kind of modern, scifi fantasy reimagining of it. Fun gameplay. Lots to customize. Always action and doesn’t hound you to buy stuff. Bravo.
  • 100s Jump LLC
  • Thanks, Nick! I am glad you liked it!

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