Airline Manager 3 – Only the very best will have success

[Game] Airline Manager 3

Airline Manager 3 Becomming a successfull airline manager is not an easy task.

Many decisions must be made, and only the very best will have success.

In Airline Manager 3 you will create and manage your own airline.
You need to purchase aircraft, and choose between more than 400 different models.
You need to create profitable routes from more than 4,000 real life airports.

As an airline manager, you are also in charge of the appearance of your aircraft. By adding liveries to your aircraft, you can increase the passenger awareness.

See your company stock value grow, as you make the right decisions.

Do you have what it takes to own and operate an airline ?

Airline Manager 3 user reviews :

This game was very addicting. Unfortunately, I couldn’t continue any longer for the fact I couldn’t change any of the route details. I tried numerous times within a 24-hour period. Previously it took me 60 Seconds to change details. Now, I stand by for several minutes until I get tired & quit. I have within the past 5 months installed/reinstall, dumping cache, a phone factory reboot, & deleted unnecessary apps. Memory available was 60%. and sent feedback to Google. No changes… No play.

Such a peculiar game. I can’t decide if its level of realism is good or bad – I’ve been playing for a week, and because I have 2 planes flying across the world (my flight to New York takes 7-8 hours like in real life), I haven’t really done much. There are lots of little bugs too meaning to often spend 2x or 4x the cash before you realise you need to restart the app. It’s interesting though, if you’re a airline nerd (which I didn’t know was a thing till now).

Easier to navigate than AM2, but the financial balancing is horrible in comparison. Even the basic marketing campaigns are ridiculously expensive compared to the previous game and in comparison to the revenue you generate. The game forces you to either get an in game loan or spend actual money to up you bank balance. Maybe this is to make it realistic? Unfortunately, when it comes to games, I don’t think realism should come at the expense of fun.

Game runs great, I loved that fact that you can upload your own logo, for free, and build your airline. Of course the game speed is real time, a nice touch especially on those longer routes. Only issue I noticed is when the game refuses to open but that is because my internet had dropped out. So the game won’t load if your internet is down

It could be a good app but too many features are not explained enough due to the absence of any tutorial. The game is slow, there is no map to see your flights, and you ask for suggestions to create a route, the game sometimes gives you only the initials but we just don’t know where it is. Airline Manager is much better than Airline Manager 3 I am sorry to say, it was pretty much disappointing, uninstalling

I didn’t like the layout, is missing a simple button to previous page for example and other problems about the user experience design; is missing a clean e beautiful design; The airline manager 1 it was a clean and serious Design as a business ambient. The flight could be started automatically and with time scheduled as a real airline. I have routes 1hour/duration and a need to start them a lot of times per day. I love the franchise Airline Manager and I hope the AM4 come great!

I absolutely loved this game. However it no longer loads. I open it up and it just says error. The only thing it’ll let me do is spend money that’s it. I can no longer view my flights, depart them, check the stock market nothing. If it’s not fixed I want what I did spend on it because I’m sorry but that’s stupid.

It’s a really great game. I just thought that on the easy mode the flight times would be a little more shorter. And when another company invests in yours I’m not so sure how that helps your company. I wish that the game would allow you to make liveries without paying 3000. The app should also allow live TRADING so you can trade your aircraft’s, hangers, hubs, and money. People should also be able to buy liveries off of each other.

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