Alter Ego – For those who want to analyze their personality

[Game] Alter Ego

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Alter Ego  Alter Ego : Who am I?

This game is for:
Those who want to analyze their personality
Those with an interest in literature, philosophy, or psychology
Those who are continuously searching for themselves

ALTER EGO Play Guide

Tap whispers to gather EGO
Use the EGO you have gathered to progress in the story and take personality tests
Use what you learn in the game to see yourself in a new light

The ending changes based on the choices you make.
Multiple endings
Your interpretation changes the nature of the in-game world
This is our story: yours, and mine.

Caramel Column Inc.
Caramel Column is a video game and board game studio.

Game Design: Maki Ono
Character Design: Kai Ito
Sound: amiko


Alter Ego user reviews :

This was a really pleasing game. The plot was good and I loved Es with all my heart. I’m really happy there was a middle ground between the extremes. There weren’t many ads, just the occasional bottom bar ad or a popup that appeared with your test results. You also got ads if you tapped the butterflies for bonuses, but that was fine. There weren’t any necessary micro-transactions or moments that I had to wait hours to move on because I needed so much Ego. Overall, this game was lovely!

I loved it, with the results I got, I’d say they were pretty much accurate. I love the endings and the character design. Not much to do once you reach the ending but still very entertaining. Very Free To Play friendly, and it’s up to the user to spend money if they want to get some story. It’s optional. I’d say this is a fair app, reasonable payments (decently cheap in my opinion to where it’s not a problem), and nice lore and story.

This game was… Beautiful, in short. The visuals are stunning, the psychoanalysis is actually much, much more accurate than I was first expecting, and the story is so surprising and yet… Kind. Soft. I got to all the endings within a few days, and I love each one for their own reasons. Oh, and the music! Amazing, as is the credits song. One of my favorite things is that it didn’t seem grindy, unlike most clicker/idle games. I didn’t sit there for days not getting anywhere.

To be honest, I thought it was another boring clicker game wiyu some cute visuals…….I was very very wrong, and I am glad I eas wrong. The game really appealed to me, and I found myself investing time in it to find the true ending. It was an emotional and eye opening journey, and I am glad I went all the way through it. The idea behind the game is nice, the music is very good, repetitve but I never got bored of it and Es is cool. Thanks for the experience and hope to see more games like this

It’s a wonderful game, is all I can say. What’s it about? Hard to say, but for me it’s partially a self discovery game, and some sort of virtual novel where your choices affect the ending. Just try it out, perhaps you too will wander deep into its world. There are many deep meanings and mysterious vibes, kind of dark at times as well. The game require patience for F2P, but ofcourse you can support the devs and also make the game less.. waiting. Overall a very nice game for me.

The best word to describe this game is Masterpiece. Every aspect of it was perfect. From the character design, to the gameplay, to the music, I loved every bit of it. At first I did not quite understand everything, but it all stated to make sense as I progressed through the story and I liked the endings and their message.This game really did help me realize some things about myself (and Es) in such a nice and enjoyable way. In conclusion, I really want to thank everyone involved in its creation.

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