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Jumble Solver  Solve anagrams and jumble puzzles by typing in letters.

Useful for Scrabble, WordSmith, Literati, WordWise, Crosswords, Jumbles, or other scrambled word games. Cheat at any word game and impress your friends! Solves for partial solutions and multiple word solutions as well. Wildcard letters can also be used. Very fast, no internet connection needed. Perfect for cheating at Scrabble or words with friends.

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For example, typing in “etra” will tell you that the words “rate”, “tare”, and “tear” are all solutions. Words that use a just a portion of the letters can also be found by selecting the “short words” option.

Does not require internet access to solve.
Select from widely used word lists: SOWPODS, TWL, 2of12, and Spanish.
Any number of letters! (provided you have patience. 10 letters still goes fast.)

Next update will add the most wanted feature. Vote with your comments.

This is my first Android App, so anything you notice that doesn’t work or could be improved would be much appreciated.

Jumble Solver user reviews :

Wow this app is cool !!! No ad’s & and so useful when I do English. Such jumbled questions r they r in English

nice app for single words. should have an option to specify the numer of words when multiple words are requested. should also have a clear feature to start over.

No ads it can solve any jumbled words very nice

Very helpful when you are stuck in word puzzle.

This is nice app but there a limit per words and there some jumble words that cant solved plz solv my problem

It is an useless app . It doesn’t shows most of the words that’s why I gave it 2 stars .

Good app, the reason why I downloaded this because is use this in school like my class tool and i can use this as a tool for my homework so i gave it 5 stars because it can help me with my class thankyou

It is a very bad app when I wrote the jumbled word it was said that js is stopped working I tried again but it was not working

Some jumbled words cant find Some long words cant find I dont like this app

Very helpful!!!every jumbled word that i type it gives the correct answer.

Superb and very easy to use!!

So cool and easy to use i recommend it

Nice app it solve my all problems of jumble words

It’s amazing. Helped me a lot . I love this app . Thanks a lot

This really does the job and does it well.

When i click solve it does nothing dont download it i wish i could put 0 stars

It is very good for words only not for sentencea

Nice app but please add defination of word

Best app ever help me to solve my homework

I think DGTIEW is WIDGET. Try it. Also, the play store review doesn’t work correctly. Can’t post this as a comment.

I love this app i used this to cheat in exam

Best app for word escape my twiter download too

Thank you a grade 8 student thanked you

is nice I use it in winning spelling games.

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