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Comodo Mobile Security  Best Free Mobile Antivirus for Android 2020 with VPN Mobile Security

Comodo’s mobile antivirus app provides complete protection against different types of malware, including trojans, worms, ransomware, cryptoware, spyware and adware. Our advanced Android security app, integrated with real-time virus signature, identifies new threats on the fly and immediately blocks them to protect your Android device.

Best virus and malware cleaner for your Android

The “always on” antivirus and on-demand scanner helps keep your device protected against viruses, malware and unsafe apps. Our one touch virus scan & removal option secures your phone with powerful virus and malware protection technology which automatically blocks all kinds of malware on your Android devices.

Ultra-Secure, Best Mobile VPN

Comodo Android VPN provides the best VPN proxy service at a high speed. When it comes to internet safety, Comodo VPN for Android plays a vital role in masking your IP address by encrypting your mobile connection to ensure that third parties can’t track your online activity on public/open Wi-Fi networks.

Why choose Comodo Android Mobile Security?

Real Time Protection – Mobile Security scans installed apps and local APK files in real time and monitors each installation process
Cloud Scan – Over-the-air protection from viruses and malware
SD Card Scan – Scans external SD cards to detect and delete threats.
Scheduled Scan – Automatic scans at regular intervals
Phishing Protection – Automatically blocks known phishing websites, keeping your credentials and sensitive data secure from cybercriminals
Secure Wi-Fi – Tests the security of Wi-Fi networks and tells you if they are safe to use
Secure Browsing – Provides notification alerts in Chrome when trying to open a potentially risky URL
Unlimited VPN – Best unlimited VPN for Android allows for browsing anonymously and securely without being tracked
Mobile Firewall – Control what apps on your phone can send and receive data
APP Lock – Keep your sensitive apps locked and protected from prying eyes
Identity Theft Protection – Identity theft protection lets you define your email addresses, credit cards and other sensitive information, and get notified whenever they are breached and shared on the dark net

What’s New?

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Protect your mobile network traffic on unsercured WiFi hotspots, and access the internet securely and anonymously using our secured VPN.

Works with Wi-Fi, 5G, 4G/LTE, 3G and all mobile data carriers
No rooting is required
Safe browsing

Android Mobile Security & Antivirus in detail:

With all-in-one Comodo Android AntiVirus 2019, virus and malware scanning and removal is done instantly.

High-speed Virus and Malware Scan & Removal
Better User Experience
Advanced malware protection with firewall

Mobile vault for Android

With Comodo’s vault for android, protect your files and folders using a passcode or Touch ID.

Keep your files secret.
Unauthorized access to your personal files will be completely blocked.
Easy-to-share feature and importing options will help you keep everything organized.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

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Comodo Mobile Security user reviews :

I upgraded to the premium annual plan. For whatever reason, it is not showing and the premium features aren’t working yet either. Why is this? Comodo has done it again! Easiest and most dependable antivirus ever!!!!! I tried to stop and then open it. In fact, I restarted my phone and then reopened Comodo. Unfortunately, the issue still exists.
  • COMODO Security Solutions
  • When you close and open the application, your problem should be fixed, can you please check again?

The best protection program for the following characteristics: more stable, one of the least resources consumed and little is noticed in notifications. Installed on both Windows PC and Android phone offers comprehensive and complete protection. Best of all, it’s free. Better, almost impossible

Doesn’t seem to do much but slow my phone down. Wants me to verify email address but never sends me the verification email or message of any kind. ‘Firewall’ and ‘App on Top’ do the exact same thing. So no proper firewall I guess. It’s never ever found a virus or any other malicious software, if it has it never alerted me to them. I feel like this is a fake app not really doing anything but harvesting information most likely.

I’ve use this Antivirus on my PC since 2018 never had any problems, it’s real time protection on programs you’ve installed, sometimes I’m sceptical on some .exe files it blocks the program before doing any damage to the computer. The only thing that sucks is that it tells me to update every 2 or 3 days. I’d you have a computer I would recommend this everytime unless you already have a well known antivirus.

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