Army of Goddess Defense – Destroy all invading enemies

[Game] Army of Goddess Defense

Army of Goddess Defense  In this fantasy world, our friends are controlled by the Dark Lord and coming to attack us, it’s up to you now to lead the Army of Goddess to defeat the enemy and save them.

The player controls the character by going from left to right, and if an enemy appears in attack range, the player automatically shoots a constant swinging sword attack.

Before preparing for each wave of combat, players can pick two of a variety of skills that are used to enhance the fight.

Players earn gold coins by completing a wave of quests, and gold coins will also fall from enemies that are slain, but they must be obtained by walking over, which is risky for the player because of the damage this can cause to himself.

Destroy all invading enemies in the allotted time and the game will be won.
If the player is killed or the wall of magic is destroyed by an enemy, the game ends in failure.

Players can use the gold coins gained from combat to upgrade ranks and skills, upgrade soldiers and defensive buildings, and enhance the ability to defend against the next wave of the Dark Legion’s attacks.

11 kinds of Troop
6 Skills
5 Castle Buildings
13 kinds of Enemy
50 Waves
Endless Mode for challenge
Hard play mode
Game Center Support

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Army of Goddess Defense user reviews :

It’s just a different version of Army of Darkness Defense, plus, Army of darkness deffense was such a better game. I hope Google brings it back, it’s way better than this one, no offense. It’s a good game, but, it’s entirely based off Army of Darkness defense, and that’s just insulting.

I came in, expecting it to be a re-skinned Army of Darkness Defense, since I don’t see AoDD here and this has a similar name, plus the images on this game’s page makes it look like it is. Somehow, I got disappointed. It’s AoDD, but with lighter colors, less flavor to the game and characters, and with more simplistic design.

Ok game, gets old fast. To easy to strafe tap the character back and forth to trick the game into attacking rapidly. Can easily take on Wave 10 at L4 with that technique. Needs more content than just grind for money to level up.

Its nice and all, but it would be nice to add appeal to the game, like having Joan a new skin or armor, it would also be nice to add defense since the enemy are way too strong

Game is life-less with “paper like” graphics. This game try’s hard to be like Army of Darkness Defense , but fails miserably.

Really like it. AoD was better but still like this. originally rated it 5. couldn’t transfer save no matter what I did.

this game is great. just one comment. i think this game should have main boss at each level 10, 20, 30 and so on.

Feels like a poor recreation of Army of darkness defense. It is just isn’t anywhere near as much fun as AoDD.

Army of darkness this is not. It tries to be the same but isn’t nearly as good. Such a shame they didnt update army of darkness. No boomstick here

Not as good as army of darkness defence but a decent replacement

Love this game reminds me of angels vs demon defense game.

who’s here after army of darkness defence got taken down rip in sorrow best mobile app ever bro i don’t know about this one i’v been looking for a copy

Fun game but short. It started to feel like a game of rock paper scissors but, ended up being a much simpler game of bulldozing where you just pick the highest armored units and march. The hero doesn’t change to provide variety. Three magic spell are useful the rest are just show. The game does run well though the ads can be excessive.

As others have said this is a copy cat of Army of Darkness. I haven’t played the newest Army of Darkness but I’m familiar with the original. This Game offers a wide variety of troops and special abilities as well as some defensive upgrades. It also gives you an in-game monetary bonus if you choose to support the developers by watching an ad. Unfortunately the game gets worse because you’re forced to watch ads for no gain as well as increased ads once you start getting further in the game.

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