Princess Coloring Book Glitter – Cool and cute princess coloring book

[App] Princess Coloring Book Glitter & Girls Dress Up

Princess Coloring Book Glitter  Free paint & coloring game, one of the TOP 5 worldwide apps of “Coloring & Drawing for Kids for 2020!

Cool and cute princess coloring book, with 50+ amazing pictures of princesses, fairy-tales, queens, unicorns, and much more FREE educational content!

“Princess Coloring Book Glitter & Girls Dress Up” presents 8 unique games designed mainly for little girls to be easy painting:

Color your favorite image with more than 20+ colors, glitter colors, and designed colors!

Create your own free-drawing picture Pintar for kids!

Nail art designing, make-up, and Manicure with very cool and attractive colors, beautiful glitter colors, stickers, huge designing patterns, and sharpening.

Dress-up with very attractive, stylish, and modern princesses with a lot of sports clothes, daily dresses, nightdresses, sports shoes, sandals, stylish shoes, boots, wallets, crowns, pets and much more! And we make sure here to educate the little girls to take care and not to show the parts foreign shouldn’t see. Please download the application and see how we do that!

Dishes cleanup. Designed in an educational way so little kids learn how to save water.

Clothes washing and ironing for toddlers & kindergarten skills. This includes clothes sorting, into colored and white pieces, washing, drying, ironing, and hanging in the closet.

Cake decoration for a birthday cake with lovely happy birthday music: decorate your cake with cute stickers, candies, lollipops, candles, ballerina dolls, and a lot of surprises!

Puzzle games with a lot of pictures for girls & boys in kindergarten & preschool ages.

Princess Coloring Book Glitter & Girls Dress Up: HOW to play?

After downloading the game, Press the PLAY button on the main screen.
Select FREE mode coloring, or choose your favorite image or any image you like.
Color and recolor your image with different bright colors, colors with patterns, or
glitter colors!
Use a brush, or pencil to fill your page
Zoom in, zoom out for coloring small details.
Use the magic coloring button for automatic coloring!
Locate stickers or animated stickers on your colorful page!
Enjoy picking stickers as a reward from your stickers box!
Save and share your princesses coloring images with your friends and family in
Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp! Don’t forget to choose your gorgeous frame!

“Princess Coloring Book Glitter & Girls Dress Up” includes the following features:

50+ colorable pictures of princesses, princes, queens, mermaids, ponies, unicorns, etc.
20 bright and beautiful colors.
10 attractive pattern colors.
Filling an entire region with color, drawing with a pencil or a brush, and using an eraser.
A color spectrum made, especially for kids coloring.
A free-drawing game easy painting & drawing.
50+ decorations and animated stickers from the world of the little girls with sounds and motions.
Clothes sorting, washing, drying, ironing, and hanging.
Puzzles with colorful amazing backgrounds.
All activities are full of coins, presents, cheerful feedbacks!

What are you waiting for? Let’s download “Princess Coloring Book Glitter & Girls Dress Up” now!!

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Princess Coloring Book Glitter user reviews :

I like this app very much… I use it for drawing… You can addd more drawings..
  • KiDEO (formerly forqan smart tech)
  • Thanks for your review! Please recommend our app to your friends, and don’t hesitate to shoot us a note at support[at] if you have any questions.

I love this game this game is very nice Me first time playing is game mai colouring, puzzle,cooking and etc, etc.

I think you should play this game it is good to keep your five-year-olds four-year-old distracted like for example if they’re like going to get a shot or something in the arm from the doctor they you might give them the phone so they can play the this game and yeah

It has different levels and stuff and it’s like fun for like kids like my daughter cry this is very fun for her and I really think that she likes it but there are some ads and you have to watch every ad to unlock every character she doesn’t really like that much but she really likes the game so I gave it five stars it’s very fun and I hope you have liked my feedback and read it thank you bye

I love you so much because you can do so much can design your own cake you can design your own like can design your own person and you can also put on whatever dress you want on them but the part that I don’t like is the VIP party because I you need like money and I don’t know if you need money and I also don’t like it because it has a lot of ads not a lot but the VIP part is very annoying because like I don’t know how you can get the like accessories from the VIP part so I don’t really like it

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