Baby Panda Cooking Party – Make the sandwich more delicious

[Game] Baby Panda Cooking Party

Baby Panda Cooking Party  Cooking game that kids love! Do you like cooking?

Come and join Baby Panda’s cooking party. Cook and share food that is healthy and nutritious!

Healthy food such as carrot noodles, vegetable sandwich, and fruit salad…Get to love nutritious food and be a good kid who is not a picky eater!

Make sandwich
How can a cooking party go without sandwich? Boil the tomatoes first. Then peel and mash the tomatoes to make ketchup and spread on toast. Put on bacon. Add pepper and pineapple to make the sandwich more delicious!

Cook egg noodles
Can you cook noodles? Pour water into the flour and stir into a dough. Use a noodle press machine to make noodles. Give it a try! Peel and shred the carrot. Mix with noodles and cook until done. Would you also like to fry an egg? Sure. It’s up to you!

Make fried fish steak
Defrost the fish. Sprinkle with scallions and pepper. Then put on sweet chili sauce. Remember to put flour on both sides of your fish steak to make it more delicious. Fry the fish steak until it is golden brown. OK. Done! Wow! You are indeed a cooking master!

Make fruit salad
Banana, grapes, watermelon…What kind of fruit do you like? You can choose as you like to make fruit salad! Chop the banana and pear into pieces, pick out the lettuce, and pour into the yogurt to mix. So easy! What kind of gourmet would you like to cook next?


Cook 10 kinds of healthy food and learn about nutrition!
5 kinds of cooking equipment: Pan, toaster, saucepan, steamer, and electric grill.
Join the cooking party to experience the fun of cooking!

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Baby Panda Cooking Party user reviews :

This game is the best game i’ve tried because its fun to play and not boring. Babybus games are the best to 3-8. Please guys download the game and dont complain about glitshes. LOVE THIS GAME!

This game is very fun there are lots of cooking and fun. It has also less ads. Thank you Baby Bus

Thank s app is very good but some thing is missing

I love this game so much because i could cook any type of foods

This is so good … Iam very happy . So thankyou baby bus

I love this recipe but it’s a great recipe to aap the whole recipe and uska and more than one other ingredient that I have made from the same store as a lot more like the recipe and I have no problem getting a recipe from a new restaurant or something that has been in my life since the last year and I don’t think it’s the best of all of this for you in the first episode in a different world and it was the first

Some bugs but I really really like it and you have a good experience I really really love

I like the idea but why don’t you add some things to it. I think it will be great if you could put a restaurant there and also the only thing that the food guardian recommend is rice and beans or vegetable so I can just give you two stars

I love this game! Ever since i was a kid, i never knew babybus is a fun game, and it makes me wanna eat something i see in food games! Please make more of these games!

Good game , but this game is repeating . So boring .next time create a new game that cant be repeating . All of us know repeating games are boring .

I also like baby panda games , it is good for children , most I like this game . And the game had no adds I want that baby panda make another more games like this . Too good for play and better

So beautiful game no ads. Please make some more games of baby bus. Buy the way its so enjoying game I love it very much

I really like this game, but in those who were saying “there is so much add” your very annoying guys just off your data then there will be no adds I really love love it

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