Little Panda Bakery Story – Create your own bakery story

[Game] Little Panda Bakery Story

Little Panda Bakery Story  Little panda’s bake shop is now open! Come visit and create your own bakery story!

Here, a wide variety of ingredients including dough, milk and chocolate spread are at your disposal. Bake whatever you want!

Little Panda’s Bake Shop features a fantastic baking equipment and utensils experience, where you can bake the yummiest desserts. Fancy dessert baking as well as happy dessert time also let you have an unforgettable bakery memory, meanwhile, learn the value of sharing.


7 Items: pudding, egg tarts, pizzas, cakes, cookies, sweet bread and donuts…which one do you want to bake first?
Loads of ingredients: 22 ingredients including eggs, flour, butter, cheese, fruit, jam….
Various cooking utensils: shaped baking trays, blender, oven, whisk….
Fun-filled DIY: fun and creative ways of dessert baking let your playing interesting at every turn!
A variety of decorations: approximately 20 decorative styles will add more fun and excitement!
Social Activities: invite your favorite friends, share tea and fresh-baked desserts!

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Little Panda Bakery Story user reviews :

Hi! I realy like this game but please add some more recipes because sometimes i got board to play this game! This game is asome!

It’s awesome game I love it but ads are too much please skip ads I give you four stars okay that should be enough ok

Very interesting. Kids will get good knowledge about cooking. Very nice app

Im, love this game. because he teach to cook you can learn this game he teach you to cook everything. try this apps it’s so fun for your sister or brother

This one is more less noisy and it’s comfortable. Love it! Great game

Me and my little sister love this game! (I’m 13 and she is 4) Keep up the great work baby bus!

All the games of Babybus are very good. This is excellent for kids. I have request, can you please make a game of only cake making + designing & other game of only perfume making with 20 flowers & fruits + different colours and shapes of glass perfume bottle designing. I will give you 5 stars with a good comment after accepting my request.

This game is VERY fun, as an eleven year old, u feel this game is actually NOT boring! It’s fun as you have to follow steps and get to unlock things instead of buying it with money! It could use some more stuff the unlock, stuff to cook, and different icing flavors! (Cupcakes,strawberry icing, chocolate icing, bigger cakes, red velvet icing, etc..) it would make me VERY happy

I really really like this game! my lil brother love this game so much! And its have so many dessert there that we can cook! Edit: but what i weird is i dont want to uninstall it but i’ve pressed it with no reason! It was an accident but what i weird is why i cant download this game back? Ive pressed install but when i checked it back it show me “Install” but i already installed it? Hm..please answer this

Hi! I love this game so much but reason why I rated 4 stars because you can’t feed all the characters i wish there were enough chairs , although graphics we’re decent and controllers we’re amazing have a good day and I appreciate your hard work

Dont judge me but this game is very FUN and I’m ELEVEN and I like unlocking things and you dont have to pay or whatch adds to unlock the things. How you unlock the stuff you just make the treats and then after you get a prize. Great game

This is a great game for my 3 year old. There are just too many ads for him. Is there a way to disable the ads?; could I purchase ad-free? I would give 5 stars if I could disable the ads

Very good app . My little sister always play baby bus games and these games are easy and makes child learn these are not so complicated and these are intresting

very nice game there are many types to cook in baby Panda cake shop it’s very best came and I really like this there are very tasty things which can be made many other district things I really like this cake I have 48 baby Panda games and to I have baby Panda world which are many games

It is a fun game but it stop and takes a long time to install but otherwise its a good game

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